I. Introduction a. “The building of a democratic state is far from complete. But a great deal has already been done. We must cherish what has been achieved and preserve and advance democracy. We must make sure that the government chosen by the people works in the interests of the people and protects the Russian citizen everywhere, both in our country and abroad, and serves the public.” b. A hero is one who works in the interest of people and protects them. c. The current president of the Russian Federation who has been re-elected by the people to be head of the state for another term. d. Vladimir Putin has heroic qualities of working to protect the people, rising the national pride, and leader. II. Protecting the People a. He has been continuously trying to reduce terrorist attacks on the nation. b. “Russia doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. It destroys them.” c. “We shall fight against them, throw them in prisons and destroy them.” d. He is traveling all over the world and throughout his own nation making speeches on destroying terrorism. III. Rising the National Pride a. The Russian people are now proud to say that they are Russian. b. “Putin won with 52.6 percent of the vote as compared to the runner-up Zyuganov, who gathered 29.3 percent.” c. IV. Leader a. He has leaded the Russian people to work together for all the goals for a large nation. b. “On May 7, 2000, Putin was officially sworn in as Russia’s second president and its first free transfer of power in the nation’s 1,100-year history.” c. He has the highest approval rating in the nations’ 1,100-year history. V. Conclusion a. He has been striving for the protection of the people, raising the national pride, and is a great leader. b. Putin has the qualities that create a hero by protecting a huge nation from terrorism, making Russian people proud to be Russians, and getting the highest approval rating in the nations’ history. c.

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