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Army Edit

Infantry Vehicles Edit

  • M113,
  • Humvee,
  • M2 Bradley,
  • M3 Bradley

Artillery Edit

  • M109 Paladin 155mm Self Propelled Artillery
  • M119 105mm
  • M198 155mm
  • M777 155mm

Tanks Edit

  • M1A1 Abrams,
  • M1A2 Abrams

Mobile Launchers Edit

  • M270 MLRS

Air Defense Edit

  • M6 Linebacker
  • MIM-104 Patriot

Air Force Edit

Attack Helicopters Edit

  • AH-1W Cobra,
  • AH-1Z Viper
  • AH-64 Apache,
  • RAH-66 Comanche

Transport Helicopters Edit

  • UH-1N Iroquois,
  • UH-1Y Venom
  • CH-46 Sea Knight,
  • CH-47 Chinook
  • CH-53 Stallion,
  • UH-60 Black Hawk

Fighter Aircraft Edit

  • F-14 Tomcat,
  • F-15 Eagle,
  • F-16 Falcon,
  • F/A-18 Hornet,
  • F-22 Raptor,
  • F-117 Nighthawk

Attack Aircraft Edit

  • A-10,
  • F-15E Strike Eagle,
  • F-35 JSF,
  • AC-130 Spectre
  • F-117

Bombers Edit

  • B-1 Lancer,
  • B-2 Spirit,
  • B-52 Stratofortress,
  • FB-111 Aardvark

Experimental Aircraft Edit

  • XA-12 Avenger II (Attack)
  • XF-36 (Fighter)
  • XQF-43 Hypersonic Jet (Unmanned Fighter)
  • XQA-47 Pegasus (Unmanned Attack)

Navy Edit

Patrol Crafts Edit

  • Cyclone class PC

Corvettes Edit

Frigates Edit

  • Oliver Hazard Perry class FF

Destroyers Edit

  • Arleigh Burke class DDG,
  • Ticonderoga class CG

Attack Submarines Edit

  • Los Angeles class SSN,
  • Seawolf class SSN,
  • Sturgeon class SSN,
  • Virginia class SSN,

Strategic Missile Submarines Edit

  • Ohio class SSBN

Aircraft Carriers Edit

  • Nimitz class CVN,
  • Gerald R. Ford class CVN,
  • John F. Kennedy class CV,
  • Kitty Hawk class CV,
  • Enterprise class CVN,

Missiles Edit

Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles Edit

  • LGM-30 Minuteman III
  • LGM-118A Peacekeeper

Submarines Launched Ballistic Missiles Edit

  • UGM-133 Trident II

Air-to-air Missiles Edit

  • AIM-120 AMRAAM,
  • AIM-9 Sidewinder,
  • AIM-7 Sparrow,
  • AIM-132 ASRAAM (?)

Surface-to-air Missiles Edit

  • RIM-162 ESSM,
  • RIM-116 RAM,
  • SM-2 Aegis

Surface-to-surface Missiles Edit

Air-to-surface Missiles Edit

  • AGM-65 Maverick,
  • AGM-88 HARM,
  • AGM-114 Hellfire


  • MK-44,
  • MK-46,
  • MK-48,
  • ADCAP,
  • MK-50

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