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Flag of the United States

The United States of America (the USA) also known as the United States (US) or simply America is one of the most powerful military and economic powers in the world. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union it became the sole global superpower. It is a large country in North America, bordering with Mexico and Canada .


The United States is in debt, has a budget deficit, and in almost every trade field except for Services has a substantial trade deficit. The United States does, however, have significant production, access to all trade resources, and has a decent tax base.


The United States begins as a multi party democracy, with a fairly high approval rating and a high stability rating. In terms of laws,

  • Freedom of Speech - Legal
  • Freedom of Demonstration - Legal
  • Woman Suffrage - Yes
  • Number of Children per Family - Unlimited
  • Contraception - Legal
  • Abortion - Legal
  • Polygamy - Illegal
  • Child Labor - Illegal
  • Same Sex Marriages - Illegal


The United States has an incredibly powerful military, rated first in the world for everything except infantry (sixth). The United States has access to some of the most powerful technology in the world, and also has the second most powerful strategic force. The United States can, unlike Russia, sustain both a ground based nuclear force, and a submarine based nuclear force.

The U.S. Military is concentrated in the mainland United States, with units split fairly evenly between all of its armies. At the beginning of the game, the United States is not at war with any nations, but has a significant negative standing with Iraq, leading to a possible early war between the two nations. a reference to the Iraq War

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