Army Edit

Infantry Vehicles Edit

Fv 510 Warrior, Fv 103 Spartan, Fv 130 Stormer

Artillery Edit

AS-90 Braveheart 155mm SPG (1993-20??)

M777 Howitzer (2005-20??, Unknown whether it has entered active service with the UK as of yet, however since it is a joint-venture between the UK/US it has been listed with the year of the first active use by the US).

FH-70 Howitzer (1978-1999)

L-118 Light Gun (1975-20??)

BL 5.5 Inch Medium Gun (1942-1999)

Tanks Edit

Chieftain (1967-1995)

Challenger 1 (1983-1998)

Challenger 2 (1998-20??, last models delivered in 2002, expected to remain in service until at least 2035)

Challenger 2E (2002-2005, Export variant of the Challenger 2E, development and export ceased in 2005)

Mobile Launchers Edit

Fv 102 Striker (Swingfire ATGM), Fv 120 Spartan (Milan ATGM)

Air Force Edit

Attack Helicopters Edit

Westland WAH-64 Apache (2001-20??, license built copy of the Boeing AH-64D Apache "Longbow")

Westland Lynx AH (1978-20??)

Transport Helicopters Edit

Chinook HC-2

Puma HC-1

Merlin HC-3

Fighter Aircraft Edit

Eurofighter Typhoon


Attack Aircraft Edit

Harrier GR.7

Bombers Edit

Experimental Aircraft Edit

F-35 JSF

Navy Edit

Patrol Crafts Edit

Endurance-class, River-class, Scimitar-class, Archer-class, Castle-class

Corvettes Edit

Frigates Edit

Duke-class(Type 23 Frigate), Broadsword-class(Type 22 Frigate)

Destroyers Edit

Sheffield-class(Type 42 Destroyer), Daring-class(Type 45 Destroyer)

Attack Submarines Edit

Swiftsure-class, Trafalgar-class, Astute-class

Strategic Missile Submarines Edit


Aircraft Carriers Edit

Invincible-class CAH , Queen Elizabeth-class CVF , Ocean-class LPH

Missiles Edit

Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles Edit

Submarines Launched Ballistic Missiles Edit

Air-to-air Missiles Edit

Surface-to-air Missiles Edit

Rapier (1971-20??)

Starstreak (1997-20??)

Surface-to-surface Missiles Edit

Air-to-surface Missiles Edit

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