• BY: Kinmid*

Kinmid The year is 2014.

The failure of the political unification of European Union created an economic uncertainty which ultimately lead to the collapse of the Union itself in the year 2010. With many of the member states exiting the Union, the hard core of European nations decided to proceed to a stronger and more centralized West European Union. The new WEU replaced the EU in 2012.

The last two years led to a prosperous economic boom in the WEU. However this was not without concequencies. The WEU had to challenge the US dominance and partially it succeeded. This led to growing tensions with the US, which finally resulted in the creation of two oppossing poles.

The date is the 22nd of June.

The US CENTCOM intervention in Iran was countered by the WEU RDF using the former soviet republics as a stationary base. The WEU failed to protect Iran and the resulting conflict ended with European troops fighting American forces in Iran. Although the WEU had no chance of winning they continued small scale infiltrations and insurgency against US forces in the area. The overall war was coming to an end, when...

The time is 02:00. The place, airspace approximatelly 100 miles from the West coast of Britain.

The two EF2000 fighters were on patrol for the last two hours and soon they would head back to base.

-Knight one this is knight two, did you noticed the disturbance that just occured in my radar? -This is Knight one, yes i did. My radar picked it too. Change to passive sensor. -Roger.

Both pilots switched to passive mode and all of the sudden there they were...

-God... Knight two, do you see them? -Yes. Four F22 stealth fighters, coming from the Atlantic. -I am also picking several other aircraft many miles behind them, but too far to distinquish their type. -Probably F35 i guess. This might be an overall attack against the WEU itself. -No time to waste. Notify Central Command.

Several seconds pass and finally the encrypted order from HQ is received.

-Knight one, switching to primary BVR missiles with passive tracking capability. -Knight two, switching also. -Lock on T1 & T2. -Lock on T3 & T4. -Fire on my command. -Roger. -Fire missiles.

Four missiles almost instantly ejected from the underbelly of the two EF2000 and were now heading towards the US aircraft.

-Knight one, we wait till we confirm the destruction of all targets and then we turn around and head to base. -What about the rest? -Central HQ has all available fighters scrumbling all over the west coast. Their surprise failed. We will challenge them in the skies over the Atlantic.

A few minutes later and a few miles away, the four F22 were flying in pairs haeding for the British mainland. Suddenly the first two were engulfed in flames and debry flew all over from the two explossions that destroyed them. The other two try to brake formation, but within seconds both are history also.

The time is 02:15

On board the CVN-82 the Commanding Officer of the Air Operations had just received the bad news. It seemed that the element of surprise was now on the hands of their enemies. However this would not force him to abort the attacks. He still had the initiative and the numerical superiority.

A very long day was just beginning...

The time is 02:30 The place, a few dozen miles outside London.

Inside the newly built underground Headquarters of the WEU Atlantic Command tensions are running high. All senior stuff have gothered to the control room as soon as the alert status was raised to "DEFSTAT-3".

The British Officer in charge, General Harrold Gettmisom, takes the stand.

-Gentlemen... we have a situation developing in the Atlantic. We are picking up large aerial forces heading to mainland, as we speak. We managed to take down several screening squads of F22s, but the main body of their forces is still unaccounted and undetected. It appears that a major move against WEU is under way by the US.


The Trafalgar class SSN was patrolling the wider area of the Southwest Ireland. Suddenly the sonar operator yells in panic...

-Con, sonar. New multiple contacts bearing 195. -What is it? Can you classify it? -Not yet Sir. The overall patern looks like a Carrier battle group. -God dammed. Helm, takes us to comm depth. We need to inform the High Command.

Back to the ATLCOM-HQ, Admiral Wiliam Harddon the second in command officer, is analysing the situation at hand.

... therefore the only possible direction for these attacks would be the Northwest and the Southeast of the Ireland straits. Which means the Americans are taking advantage of the Irish mainland as a cover for their assault.

General: Do we know if the Irish are part of the whole thing? Admiral: Not at this moment, but...

His words are suddenly interrupted by a huge explossion which completelly destroys the whole underground structure and kills everyone inside. On the surface the results of several deep-penetration heavy bunkerbusters are visible from a distance. The Atlantic Command has been taken out.

In the sky above at 30000ft a solo mission of a B2D Stealth Bomber was turning away heading for home.

All around London the explossions on several strategic installations being destroyed was starting to dominate the atmosphere.

The real war was just beginning....

In order to fully understand the world of 2014, i will now present to you the major political events of the last eight years up to the point where the story begins.

In 2006 the price of oil reaches $80 and the economic status of all EU countries creates a social explossion of violent nature. In the US the situation seems to be under control, with the goverment taking advantage of the Alaskan oil reserves.

Rogue states such as Iran and N.Korea become more and more hostile towards the US policies. The US starts an offensive bombardment campaign against both Iran and N.Korea resulting in the complete destruction of both countries nuclear installations.

In 2007 Italy followed by Greece and Spain, exit the Eurozone and re-institute their national currency. The blow to the EU economy is devastating.

In 2008 a hot incident in the Aegean sea between Greece and Turkey, expands into a small war lasting two weeks. As a result of not being supported Greece exits both NATO and the EU. EU member states (mainly western European) which are also part of NATO, demand that Turkey be expelled from NATO. Turkey willingly declares its exiting the "christian" NATO alliance. The failure of both NATO and EU to resolve the situation leads to even more problems for both intitutions. The economic crisis deapens when oil price reaches $100 after a major wave of insurgency destroys almost every primary oil installation in Iraq.

In 2009 European nations manage to make a deal with Iran and several central Asian countries, that will provide Europe with cheaper oil through the new Russian pipeline. Russia makes a formal request to enter the EU, but its denied for the time being. US attacks Syria from Iraq and creates a secure zone along the Iraq-Syria border to prevent the growing insurgency. A similar US move towards Iran is averted when it creates major reactions from both EU and Russia. Relations between Europe and US have never been worst.

2010. Complete melt down of all inner-European relations following the second failure to establish a political union. All remaining countries exit the Eurozone giving a devastating blow to the overall EU economy and policies. US agressive policy towards Iran creates major political upheaval to the EU-US relations. This is only made worst by the new economic measures of the US towards EU exports. A small economic war is developing.

2011. The EU exists only in name since all member states except the founding nations, stop contributing and participating to the union. A last attempt is made to re-establish the nature if the union, but it fails.

In 2012 following the events in the EU and the growing upheaval between the US and the Europeans, NATO is reduced to a merely political institution and its military structure has been dissolved mainly due to the withdrawalls of almost every member nation from its military branch. US and Canada form a new military alliance with NATO members from eastern Europe in order to conpensate the dissolvement of NATO. Turkey becomes a member of the new alliance within a month. More US troops start to deploy all over the Persian Gulf region in preparations for an attack against Iran. The new Western European Union is founded as a replacement of the EU.

The nations of the new Western European Union (WEU) :

1) United Kingdom (Founding nation - 2012). 2) France (Founding nation - 2012). 3) Germany (Founding nation - 2012). 4) Belgium (Member - 2012). 5) Netherlands (Member - 2012). 6) Denmark (Member - 2012). 7) Spain (Member - 2013). 8) Portugal (Member - 2013). 9) Sweden (Member - 2014). 10) Norway (Member - 2014). 11) Austria (Member - 2014).

The nations of the new NATO Alliance (NNA) :

1) USA (Founding nation - 2012 ). 2) Canada (Founding nation - 2012). 3) Poland (Member - (2012). 4) Hungary (Member - (2012). 5) Chech Republic (Member - (2012). 6) Romania (Member - (2012). 7) Bulgaria (Member - (2012). 8) Ukraine (Member - 2013). 9) Baltic Federation (The three Baltic states. Member - 2013). 10) Albania (Member - (2014). 11) Iceland (Member - (2014).

22nd June 2014 02:40am. Ireland.

The Prime Minister was in his office after the US ambassador had requested an urgent meeting just a few hours ago. The door had been closed for the last hour and once every five to ten minutes the voices from within were getting louder and intense. The door opens and the US ambassador exits along with his military advisor.

The Irish PM approaches his Minister of Defense and says :

"Just do it. Give the order to all military installations to prepare for the arrival of US military forces. Make sure that all details are double checked in advance. Notify all port authorities to get ready for the US landings".

"But PM, are we going to submit without even considering all the facts"?

"We have no choice at the moment. We will see how this whole thing develops in the near future, but for the time being tell the chief of Secret Services that i need a secure line to Brussels as soon as possible".

At the same time...

Germany, 100m from the borders with Poland.

At the top of the small hill deep inside the forest, a small recce platoon was taking battle positions. One SpPz-2 light ARV and one TPz-1A4 were being camouflaged by their crew. The leading Fennek was monitoring the movements on the other side of the border.

The commanding officer was relaying the information from his monitor to the Division HQ.

CO : Oupost guard increased in size and armaments. We can now confirm a full Armoured Division size deployment in the area. HQ : Lieutenant, it is crusial that you remain undetected and keep relaying all available information. CO : Yes General. Hulmet out.

Lieutenant Hulmet exited the Fennek and walked towards the rest of its men. As he did, he was looking down the hill towards the Polish border when he noticed a small flash coming from the opposite woodland.


A series of explossions rocked the hill creating havoc! The TPz was hit and exploded instantly killing all crew and wounding several other soldiers around it. The SpPz immediately changed position and started firing towards the incoming fire with its 20mm gun.

The lieutenant managed to get to the Fennek.

-Wasp from Wasp-2, we are under attack, i repeat we are und...

The Fennek was hit by a 125mm shell coming from a T72 from the other side of the border. Instanlty it was turned into a pile of burning wreckage. The SpPz continued firing against what it appeared to be a full Tank Battalion attacking from the Polish border. The continued 20mm fire from its gun had no chance of beating down the T72s, but gave enough cover to the remaining soldiers in order to withdraw safely. A few minutes later the SpZp was taken out by another T72.

Above the small hill the first MLRS rockets from the modified BM launchers were already on their way to the German inland. All across the German-Polish border the situation was repeating itself.

02:45am Skies over Whales

The two EF2000 were approaching their home base in when a priority message was relayed from the local dispatch center of the 1st group coming from the secondary Strike Command HQ near High Wycombe.

“Abort final approach to RAF Warton. Proceed to secondary base in Church Fenton. All active bases in the west coast are currently under massive attacks and unable to support any incoming aircraft. Switch to backup frequency Alpha-Tango and maintain strict radio silence”.

-This is Knight-one, lets do it Knight-two. Change frequency and course. -Roger. Switching to Alpha-Tango and changing course.

As the two fighters turned to the east the horizon in front of them was illuminated by several explosion coming from the bearing of their home-base.

-Jesus… Knight-one did you see that? -It’s our base. Probably cruise missiles, or Stealth Bombers from high above. Maintain course and from now on don’t break the radio silence.

03:15am Outskirts of London – Secure Government Bunker

The British PM is arriving in the situation room where several high-ranking officers are waiting.

-Good morning gentlemen. Can someone please tell me what in Gods name is going on?

An Officer of the RAF, Major Aergon, is taking the stand.

-Let me give you the overall situation, as we know it till now. The US has launched a major surprise attack against the UK. One of our patrols had managed to break the element of total surprise when it detected one of the first attack formations coming from the Southwest. Thus we were able to launch our interceptors and engage them over the sea. However their attack included several dozens of Stealth Bombers from high altitude as well as hundreds of cruise missiles. The result is that all our primary HQ and COM installations have been destroyed as well as most of our Radar sites. The attacks are well underway as we speak. Biggest and most important lose was the ATLCOM in London were all the military Chiefs were killed. Our interceptors managed to take down many of their fighters, but their numbers where overwhelming. We lost almost every fighter that engaged them. We currently try to salvage any remaining aircraft from the western bases to secondary bases in the east. From there we can organize a counter attack. I will now pass you to Admiral Hensson.

-Sir. We have received information of at least two Carrier Battle groups Southwest of Ireland and surely there are more behind them as well as to the Northwest of Ireland. Attacking formation numbers indicate at least six to seven CBGs are part of this action. I have ordered all available submarines to attack the US fleets as their captains see fit.

The PM is interrupting the Admiral.

-All this is fine and I think that you military experts can manage it as we move along. You should however consider the fact that Ireland is now in effect a US base. I spoke with the Irish PM. He informed me that after a clear ultimatum from the US, a “with us or against us” kind of rhetoric, and a clear military threat of invasion, he decided to submit to the US demands of military passage and utilization of their bases and ports. However he promised me that no Irish troops will ever support in any way the US actions against us. Take that in mind when you consider your options. I now give you official authorization to use every means available in order to stop the US aggression and retaliate even if this means attacking them inside Ireland itself. If you will now excuse me, I have to communicate with Brussels Military Command.

Skies over Atlantic Same time.

Dozens of heavy lift C17 were on their way to Ireland. Along with them several more dozens of C141 and C130. Onboard the transport aircraft were two full Air Assault Divisions the 82nd and the 83rd, part of the newly formed 13th Air Division. All around the aerial fleet dozens of F22 fighters provided cover.


RAF Akrotiri – Cyprus

Only a few seconds have passed since the communication with the main Radar in mount Troodos has seized and four huge explosions totally devastated the control tower and the HQ building of the base. At the same time Artillery fire from across the “green line” separating the occupied North part of the island started landing on the entire base area destroying everything exposed. The military personnel immediately started to take their combat positions. Near the beach the sound of roaming machines was getting louder and louder. Suddenly the whole base is being stormed by AAV-7 and LAV firing their main guns. US Marines attack the installations under the cover of Cobra helicopters in full force and a fierce battle is underway.

Pentagon - Whasington D.C.

The commanders in chief have just received information for the Polish invasion to Germany.

General Aplehunger was furious.

-What the fuc* do they think they are doing? The Germans will practically screw them when they finally get over the initial shock. They weren't supposed to do anything other than just keep their side of the border safe and keep the Germans on alert.

A Brigadier takes the stand.

-They do tend to overreact and take the matters into their on hands, but it seems they are doing fine for the moment. And since we can't do anything other than accept the facts, maybe we should consider making a few changes to our plans. -I hope they manage to keep it straight and not cause as any problems. In any case we will have to send some forces over there just for being on the safe side. -I will make the necessary arangements General. -What about Cyprus and the Falklands? -We totally screwed them. Both are now under our control. However the situation with the Turks is getting a bit worrying. -What do you mean? -They are advancing into South parts of the island belonging to the British bases, which we now control. The refuse to obey our commanders directions and are preparing to move into the free parts of the Cyprus Republic. -Dammed. This fuc*ing alliance is constituted by morons... First the Polish, now the Turks. Do we have any information about Greece and its reaction towards activating the Greece-Cyprus "Common Defense Doctrine"? -There is a minnor mobilization of their military as a result of the reports coming from the island. -Dammed!

04:00am Atlantic Ocean

The Commanding officer of Air Operations onboard the "CVN-82 George W. Bush" was getting the latest reports from the aerial assaults all over the UK.

It seemed that most of the attacks met fierce resistance and cassualties were reaching as high as 15% of the initial force. The results however was something else, since all targets had been succesfully attacked and destroyed up to 95%. Almost all opposing interceptors had been splashed as well. The western coast of the UK were now an open market.

Only a few hundred miles behind his CBG, almost half the Amphibious and Landing forces of the US were heading towards the main Irish ports in order to unload two full sized Marine Divisions, part of the first elements being deployed in the island.

-Sir, we have a report coming from the screening Frigate. We have unconfirmed reports of a submarine in the area. -Tough luck. Just when we have to maintain speed and course to start landing our aircraft. -Your orders Admiral? -All available surface units are to create a secure zone all over our designated path for the retrieval of our planes. We will just have to deal with it the way we are. And where the fuc* are our subs? They were supposed to clear our way from this kind of shi*.

Five miles east of CVN-82. Trafalgar class SSN.

-Helm, we are in position captain. -Weapons control, do we have firing solutions on the US Carrier? -Yes Captain, all four torpedoes are ready to go. -On my mark...

04:05am Atlantic Ocean

The first F35s were already touching down on the decks of CVN-82. The same was going on a few miles to the Northwest where the rest of the Carriers of Task Force “Echo” was deployed. All surface units were on high alert trying to detect the unknown submarine lurking in the surrounding area.

Suddenly the voice of the sonar operator inside one of the ASW Frigates combat room broke the silence.

-Con sonar, torpedo in the water bearing 270… New contact, torpedo in the water bearing 271! I have two more contacts bearing 270, coming fast!!! -Evasive maneuvers, contact the Flagship. Let them know we are under attack! -Con sonar, we aren’t the target sir. The CVN-82 is… -Shi*! Inform them immediately they must take emergency measures.

On the bridge of CVN-82 the word came as a nightmare at Elm Street. The Captain had no choice.

-Helm increase speed to 25knots and turn left bearing180. -But sir we have incoming aircraft! -Never mind that, we have a whole Carrier to worry about.

The incoming F35 had little time to react. As it was coming very low and fast it just managed to avoid hitting the deck and antennas, but lost power to the engines and dived into the sea. Luckily the pilot managed to eject in time. On the deck all personnel hardly managed to stay on their feet while the naval giant leaned to the right almost throwing a couple of aircraft and several weapons and equipment over board.

A senior seaman on duty at the rear CIWS was trying not to fell overboard when we saw the first torpedo passing by the Carrier and missing it by just a few meters. Seconds later a huge explosion rocked the entire Carrier when the second torpedo hit it in the stern. Damage was minimum, but the ship came into a sudden halt in speed.

Two more torpedoes had taken a swift turn towards the Carrier. At that moment an O.H.Perry Frigate came between the torpedoes and the Carrier. Both torpedoes hit the Frigate in the middle. The two explosion that followed devastated the Frigate and completely destroyed it.

Onboard the CVN-82 everyone was shocked, except the Admiral himself.

-Ok, no reason to get too exited over this. Just find the sons of bit***es and kill them, so we can go on with this operation.

-Sir we are picking up messages from the rest of the Frigates. They have detected a Trafalgar class SSN. We are hunting it down.

Inside the British submarine everyone was extremely stressed ever since the launch of the torpedoes. A patrolling Los Angeles class US SSN had detected them and was now trying to attack them. All around them the active pings of the US Frigates was creating an atmosphere out of hell.

A few minutes later a huge underwater explosion ceiled the fate of the British sub.

Back on the CVN-82 the spirit was growing fast. Admiral Hilton however was somewhat skeptic.

-I want damage report and status as soon as possible. It will take more than a couple torpedoes to kill a CVNX class Carrier.

04:15am East Germany.

The Polish 3rd Corps was advancing deep inside German territory. Resistance was weaker than expected and casualties, although high, were less than estimated. The Polish forces already were approaching, and it seemed that Berlin would be within their reach in only a few hours.

In reality the Germans acted exactly as they had planned to act in an invasion from the east ever since the cold war era. They allowed the enemy to advance deep, thus creating an area of operations were they could easily de-organize the attacking force. The Polish commander found out the truth the hard way.

At 04:20am when the trap was set, almost 120 MLRS launchers delivered a horrendous and devastating attack of 1440 rockets (and that was only the first wave), meanwhile seven fully sized Armoured Divisions with Leopard-2A7 and Marder-1A5 counter attacked all over the frontline under the cover of dozens of Tiger-2 attack Helikopters. The Polish Divisions had no chance. The German units were rolling over them. Two more German Divisions were cutting through the Polish border in the North following the coast line.

June 22nd 2014 – 09:30am Brussels – WEU Supreme Military Command (WEU/SMC)

All top military commanders of the union have gathered inside the deep underground operations room where all military operation is being monitored. With them is the President of WEU Tony Blair.

President : Gentlemen, if you please join me in the conference room we may begin.

All officers enter the conference room and take their sits. A senior military attaché is taking the stand to begin the formal briefing.

-As you all know situation has deteriorated rapidly the last few hours. The US forces continue their attacks on western UK military bases and installations, as well as their naval operations all around Ireland. Information coming out from Ireland indicates that the first elements of US units have already landed on the island and are now trying to secure ports, bases and military installations for future use and for accepting more incoming reinforcements. Overall the military in UK has suffered loses up to 80% of its aerial assets and up to 25% of its ground forces. Naval forces managed to counter attack in the North Atlantic mainly with submarines and cruise missiles, but the effect was minimal. Over all the UK Navy lost 90% of its submarines and 50% of its surface units and the result was minor damages to a US Carrier, severe damages to one Cruisers and one Destroyer, and at least five other ships and o submarine have been sunk. The results are not expected to minimize the momentum of the US attacks. Since we estimate that over 80% of their naval based air power is still operational, plus more aircraft will become available from mainland USA when they will activate the bases in Ireland.

The President cuts in …

-Do we expect any invasion to take place in the UK? -We have indications that if an invasion takes place it will be in Northern Ireland. The US forces for the time being have no capability to invade UK. They will have to secure their foothold in Ireland first and then gather all invasion forces from mainland USA to Ireland. So for the week ahead, I don’t think we will see any invasion in England. -How can we react to their moves so far? -We are planning a major counter attack focused on denying them the capability to set foot in Ireland. We will take full advantage of the fact that the Irish military are eager and willing to cooperate with us undercover in ejecting the Americans from their country. If we succeed then no plan for invasion in England or any other WEU country can proceed.

09:30am White House – Washington DC

President Rice is being briefed by the Chiefs of staff. President : General, what is the overall situation in Europe at the moment?

General : As I have predicted mum. The Polish have totally fac*ed our plans. German counter attacks have pushed them… not pushed them… have kicked them right back to the border and are now retreating towards Warsaw. The Germans seem to undertake a huge circling operation focused on annihilating the entire Polish army.

-What can we do to help them? -Nothing really. Only mobilize our allies in Eastern Europe. The Ukrainians are getting several Divisions ready to advance through Romania and Hungary and then we plan a major attack through Austria in order to posse a threat to the German underbelly and force them to withdraw or at least stop advancing inside Poland. It will take around two to three days however to set this working right. Given the chance an attack from behind into Germany will suit us even better. -Ukrainian troops? Why not Romanian and Bulgarian also? -We have another serious situation developing in the Balkans and we want to have our plans flexible. -What situation? -Well, the Turks have invaded the free part of Cyprus, thus activating the Greece-Cyprus Defensive alliance. Cypriot troops are engaging the Turks all over the island and Greece has already started shelling the Turkish troops in Evros and the Aegean. A full scale Greco-Turkish war is possible to erupt within the next few hours. -Greece isn’t a part of the WEU, so what can we do? -This is tricky. We can’t actively intervene in favor of the Turks since Greece has been friendly towards the US, and we need our base in Soudha. Maybe a counter balance from Albania or Bulgaria, if the Greeks achieve major victories against Turkey, but still… -Make it so. I don’t want any more problems like those with Poland. And for Gods name make clear to our allies to stop acting on there on and stick to plan.

09:50am Brussels – WEU Supreme Military Command (WEU/SMC)

The Briefing was almost over, but the main question was still unanswered. How could the WEU assist the military in UK for the upcoming counter attack? The voting was over and the results were disappointing the least. Portugal and Spain had no heavy reserves available and the imminent danger of US attacks made things worst, so they voted no. Same deal was with Norway and Sweden, but both promised naval forces. Belgium and Netherlands along with Denmark agreed to send the RDF elements of their countries to UK, plus aircraft and ships. France had to prepare for possible invasion and/or attacks and since it had the second strongest military after the Germans a decision was made to keep it as a reserve for the future war on mainland Europe. However its Air force would send forces over the canal. Germany had the primary responsibility to the Eastern front and Austria was very weak. German and Swedish conventional submarines would undertake the task of attacking the US fleet

As the first day of the war was getting underway, things looked very bad for the future of the WEU.

June 23rd 01:00am

All over Poland the German units were creating havoc as they were advancing fast towards the outskirts of Warsaw. The Polish Army heavier units had been almost completely destroyed and the only thing delaying the German Leopard-2 Divisions was the extensive civilian structures and the guerilla tactics of the Polish Militia units. Reinforcements from the Baltic Federation were crucial for the defense of the city, but the German Air Force attacks had their units pinned down just across the border. Overall the massive attacks by MLRS and the German Air Force had the game fixed and predestined for the Germans to win.

On the Austrian-Czech border artillery fire was raging as the attrition warfare was increasing by the hours. Both countries engaged in limited air operations and none was willing to attack the other with ground forces. From Hungary Ukrainian troops were pouring towards the border with the Slovak republic were they were supposed to be granted with passage rights to move towards the rear lines of the Czechs and prepare the counter-attack against Germany.

In the Aegean the Greek and Turkish fleets were engaging in force trying to achieve control of the important sea lane, while the battle of Cyprus was nearing an end with the Turkish forces having almost finished the capture of the entire island. Casualties were high, but the momentum of both countries was still rising. Greece was preparing a major ground attack in Evros, while the Albanian government was lurking with their plans for North Epirus.

In the Atlantic the first and last attack by the UK navy forced the US into a more packed defensive posture which didn’t affect the air operations. Whales and Scotland were pounded day and night by Stealth Bombers paving the way for ground troops. The second Battle of Britain was at its zenith.

In Ireland the two marine Divisions having secured all naval installations and ports were now preparing for the future landings in England. With them the 82nd and 83rd were also securing vital airbases and airports as well as several other important installations. The 1st and 4th Armored Divisions were starting to unload their equipment and CENTCOM was planning the attack on North Ireland.

01:10am Outside the CENTCOM temporary HQ in Kerry.

The old hospital was perfect for the job. The recent upgrade of telecommunications in the small city was all that the US commander wanted at the moment. Several MPs were posted outside the main gate and several others were patrolling the surrounding area. Heavy lift vehicles coming from the port were already unloading the last of the electronic equipment needed to set up the HQ. Several dozens of civilians have gathered to take a look of what was going on, when suddenly several of them took out sub-machine guns and started firing on the US soldiers killing around a dozen of them just before a HUMVEE started to fire back with its 0.50. Dozens of civilians were killed and many of the attackers, but they were not alone. A molotov bomb takes out the HUMVEE just before two marine LAVs make the turn around the building. Their 25mm guns started to rain death on the crowd that was trying to flee the seen. From a near building a small rocket launcher fired one shot and damaged the first LAV, while the second redirected fire at it. Within minutes more US troops arrived at the scene and a small urban warfare begun. The CENTCOM Commander taking cover in his office manages to take a look outside, but a strafing of small arms fire forces him back in. In a corner just by the old hospital a news crew was broadcasting the events life to all Ireland.

08:00am CENTCOM Temp-HQ - Kerry, Ireland.

The Marines managed to contain the situation in the early hours just before dawn and now they were mopping up the small city. The area around the old hospital looked like a warzone. Civilian authorities were now trying to conpensate with the horendous lose of life. More than 450 civilians were killed and at least ten times that number were wounded. Casualties were high for the US troops as well. But the real casualty was the overall attempt to win the hearts and minds of the Irish people. The life coverage of the fighting had sparked tension and hate among the local population.

08:00am 20Km outside Warsaw

The German troops were getting ready to push towards the Polish capital. The last Polish unit standing in their way had surrendered a few hours ago and now the German commanders were negotiating an "open city" treaty with the Polish goverment. It was at the exact time that the German General in charge and the Warsaw Mayor were entering the building set for the negotiations when a small nuclear device was detonated. The explossion created a mushroom cloud and destroyed everything in a range of 10Km.

09:00am Brussels – WEU Supreme Military Command (WEU/SMC)

The news of the nuclear explossion had triggered the "4th protocol" of the union. All military Officers were now gathered to examine the facts.

President Blair was furious.

-Gentlemen, i want action and i want it now!

High Commander Luissien De Figaro takes the stand.

-Mr President, at this time we don't know if this was an isolated incident. It might well has been a forgotten nuclear mine from the soviet era that has fallen to the hands of the Polish militia that didn't want the Warsaw open city deal. The fact that it was only one suggests something like that. -What were our casualties from this event? -We lost half a brigade that was securing the area at the time. Nothing much really. We still have more than enough forces to finish the job. -The Ukrainians? Have they entered Poland yet? -Thats what worries us. Their Divisions are still mobilizing along the border, but no move yet. We suspect they are up to something else. -How are we going with the preparations for the counter attack in Ireland? -We are using all available bases in France, Netherlands and Belgium, in order to keep pour forces safe. Today is the day. We are finilizing the last details. I will not say much, but we expect to give them a very hard blow. The Americans are still trying to destroy our forces in North Ireland Scotland and Whales, but seem reluctunt to commit forces to England itself. -Isn't that a bit strange General? -Only thing i can think of is that they want to keep the main infrastructure capable of supporting their operations when they invade. -We will restrain our selves from the 4th protocol for the time being, but if a second nuke explodes, then we will answer in kind. -Don't worry sir. -Ok then, keep up the good work.

10:00am Tirana - Albania

The leader of the UCC (UCK branch for the Norhtern Epirus) Milo Ladis was entering his military vehicle. He had just finished a briefing with the Albanian goverment.

-To the base Zeni. -What was all that Milo? -We are going in Zeni. We will finally have a chance to kick some Greek ***.

Milo picked up his mobile and dialed a number.

-Milo here. Get everyone ready. -... -Yes we are going in today.

June 24th 02:30am

All over Netherlands, Belgium and France more than 150 aircraft are taking off. From Eurofighters and Rafales, to old Tornados and Jaguars, a huge aerial fleet was heading towards Ireland. Under their wings a complement of SCALP-EG and Stormshadow (note:actually this is the same missile) cruise missiles as well as several other stand-off weapons such as Taurus and Extended range AFDS. From Denmark and Sweden another aerial fleet of Grippens and F16s was also on the air heading to the same destination. In total more than 250 aircraft were constituting the first major counter attack of the WEU.

02:45am Greek border with Albania.

All over the border line the Greek posts were on high alert ever since the Greek Army attacked in full force in Evros against the Turkish 1st Army. Although the Albanian Airforce and Navy were a complete zero and the Albanian Army only a joke, the Greek HHQ decided not to take any chances and a full mobilization of its 1st Corps was now in effect. At presicelly 02:50 almost every Greek outpost was attacked by UCC guerillas coming over the border. At the same time fast boats started raiding the Korfu coastline. In the Greek capital Athens the Ministerial building and the Parliament were attacked by armed insurgents creating panic. The Greek PM managed to escape an assasination attempt when his house in Kolonaki was strafed with small arms fire.

At the same time in Poland...

The first German troops were entering the city of Warsaw. After almost a century the Polish people were witnessing their capital being captured once again. The first recce patrols were in the outscirts of the capital when suddenly came under heavy fire by militia units organizing the defense of the city. Within minutes Pzh2000 Artillery units started to bombard the city. The destruction was intense and casualties among civilians were extremely high. It was at that time that a second small nuclear device was detonated near the advancing German troops.

10:45am Greco-Albanian Border

The Albanian soldiers were monitoring the traffic along the main highway leading to the Greek customs office. The office itself had been under siege from UCC rebel forces all night long, but now the rebels had withdrawn into Albania territory. The first Greek mechanized column had almost reached the customs office when an MLRS rocket rained fire over the Albanian Border outpost. The last thing the Albanian soldiers saw before being shredded into pieces by shrapnel was the Greek column by passing the customs office and entering Albania in high speed.

At the same time the Greek forces in Evros have finally achieved a breakthrough to the Turkish defensive line near Kessan and were now advancing towards Istanbul. In Cyprus the Turkish military commander was now consolidating his troops in order to meet the needs for dealing with the expanding Cypriot resistance movement.

11:20am 4nm south of Pafos-Cyprus

The USS Bunker Hill was monitoring the movements of the Turkish fleet blockading Cyprus. Its crew was on high alert ever since a report came of a Greek submarine in the area trying to attack the Turkish vessels. Inside the operations center the sonar operator was trying to figure out what a small strange sound that he was picking every no and then was.

-Here it is again Captain. If I knew better I would say that it sounds like a small whale giving birth, but… -Can’t we do something better sailor? -Wait, I hear som… Jesus!!! Con, sonar. Torpedo in the water! Bearing 194. -Helm evasive maneuvers!!!

The US warship started to maneuver when a Turkish Frigate on its right was hit. The explosion was devastating almost cutting it in half. Seconds later it was sinking fast. The USS Bunker Hill raced with time trying to avoid a second torpedo. Unfortunately the distance and speed of the torpedo could not be matched effectively. The ship was hit in the middle. The explosion severely damaged the hull and created a huge fire. The ship leaned to the side while the crew was trying to put out the fire and save it from sinking.

At the same time in Brussels

The last reports were coming to the HQ about the results of the counter-attack in Ireland. The lack of sufficient air defense weapons deployed on Ireland by the US forces, and the fact that the attacks were limited to the use of cruise and stand-off missiles gave no chance to the US-Navy to deploy its fighters on time and place to intercept the attackers. Still the casualties were extremely high. The attacking force had lost almost 40% of its aircraft, but the overall success of the mission was around 75%. In a room near the control center several WEU officers were examining the response to the second nuclear weapon detonation in Poland. Meanwhile reports indicated that Ukrainian troops were entering the Czech republic through the Slovak republic.

12:00am Ireland

All air bases had been attacked one way or another and the deployment of US forces was put to a complete stop. Installations were severely damaged and casualties were heavy. In the main port used by the Marines the entrance was ceiled by an LPH that was hit by a cruise missile and was now sitting at the bottom of the seabed blocking the port.

Back in Washington the Generals in the Pentagon were now faced with a big dilemma. Should the US intervene to the fronts in the Aegean and loose the neutrality of Greece to the other fronts, or hold back and risk the total collapse of Turkey and the capture of Istanbul. The danger of Greece effectively controlling the Turkish straits was imminent. Greece had also threatened to close the Soudha base in Crete. It was at that time that the news of the attack on the USS Bunker Hill arrived.

June 24th 21:00 Tirana – Albania

The Greek invasion force had finally reached the Albanian capital. The only thing that delayed the Greek forces was the lack of modern highways for the elements of the Greek 8th to take full advantage of their mobility. All over the Albanian held North Epirus the remaining Greek minority population was welcoming the Greek troops. The Greek forces had totally annihilated the Albanian military within a few hours. The Commanding officer of the 8th Division was now meeting with the Albanian PM, in order to negotiate the surrender of his country. Still the remaining elements of the UCC and the Albanian resistance would have to be dealt with, but the overall military operations were over.

23:00 Soudha bay – Crete

All personnel of the US base were inside their compounds for the last two of hours ever since an encrypted priority message arrived from the 6th Fleet command. Only a few guards were outside the buildings and only were necessary. The Greek base commander had notified the Greek military command of the island for the move, thus the security personnel was on high alert just in case. The two Greek guards at the gate were chatting about their girlfriends when they both stopped and stared at the near mountain. A very faint sound was coming out of the treetop. At that moment an explosion destroyed the gatepost throwing both guards on the ground while several MV22 under cover from AH64F helicopters stormed the base perimeter. An Rh202 anti-aircraft gun started firing on the assaulting force, but was immediately destroyed by Hellfire missiles. From within the buildings US personnel fully armed exited and started assisting their fellow soldiers coming out from the MV22s. A fierce battle had started for the control of the base. Caught in the crossfire the Greek security forces had no chance to cope with the attack. A few kilometers away a Greek mechanized column was heading in high speed towards the base in order to assist the security forces. Only a kilometer away two huge explosions destroyed the road ahead and the first two vehicles effectively cutting off the Greek forces from the base. At the same time near a small fishing village in the South, a full US Marine battalion was landing on the Island of Crete. Every vehicle, as soon as it hit the beach, was heading towards the road leading to the base in the North.

23:30 Warsaw – Poland

The Polish capital was now under German occupation. One third of the city was totally destroyed by the nuclear explosion and the rest was in ruins from the urban battle itself. Fighting in the eastern outskirts was still underway, but the result was certain. Baltic Federation forces were trying to join the remaining organized Polish military near the eastern Polish border in order to create a solid defensive line, while the Ukrainian forces were getting ready to cross the border and assist.

At the same time the Greek 4th Army Corps was mopping up the disorganized and disoriented Turkish units in its rear lines before advancing towards Istanbul and Cannakkale. At Evros the 2nd Army Corps was following in order to cover the free space. It was at that time that the Bulgarian forces crossed the border into Greece and attacked in full force.

23:55 Atlantic Ocean – On board CVN-82

The huge screen showing the map of the Air Operations was filled with contacts as a full-scale attack was underway against the UK. The air armada constituted from almost 500 fighters and bombers. At 30000ft a fleet of 100 Stealth bombers was also underway. Suddenly on the right of CNV-82, the night sky was illuminated by the launches of cruise missiles from the rest of the fleet. Dozens of cruise missiles were now flying east. The target? London.

une 25th 01:10am Somewhere in London

The small green exit signs only lighted the dark corridor. Power was out for twenty minutes now, ever since the Nuclear Power plant providing power to the capital had been bombed by US stealth bombers.

-This way Prime Minister, follow me… -Dammed… -Over here, lets open this door. Quickly god dammed!!! -Where are we? -Just a minute sir… Now, everybody inside… Down the stairs, quick!

The British PM escorted by his security entered the backup shelter near his primary command bunker. He was covered in dust and his eyebrow was bleeding lightly. On the surface, London was being bombed by hundreds of advanced heavy JDAMS. WWII bombings were nothing compared to the devastation being inflicted now.

-What on earth is going on? -The Americans are bombing us all over England. It seems they are concentrating their efforts in and around the capital. Are you all right PM? -Yes, I am fine, for now at least. When are we going to have power back. -Don’t know sir. We lost contact with the military and civilian commands.

In the naval bases all over southwest England, cruise missiles were landing one after the other. The sight was that of a total destruction. All around the rest of England the same was going on.

01:30am German-Czech Border

Finally the Ukrainian-Czech offensive was underway aiming at the German underbelly in order to force a retreat from the Polish territories. The light German forces were soon forced to retreat, when suddenly two small nuclear devices detonated right on the path of the advancing Ukrainian Divisions. The attack came to a halt and an attrition exchange of artillery created a temporary stalemate. Situation was different in Austria where the combined Czech and Hungarian forces managed to break through and were now advancing deep into enemy territory.

02:00am Crete - Greece

US forces were engaging the light armored Greek Brigade in Crete. The 3rd MEU was having trouble securing the area around Soudha bay even though the Greek airforce had been locally neutralized. Cretan paramilitary elements, as well as Cretan armed civilians were also giving the US troops a hard time.

At the same time in Northeast Greece, near Ksanthi

The Greek 2nd Corps was trying to establish a study defense line in order to avoid being cut-off by Bulgarian advancing forces. Although the Bulgarian military was not as advanced as the Greeks, their attack concentrated on the weaker border point of the two countries. Suddenly a nuclear explosion devastated the biggest military unit of the Bulgarian offensive. The Greek units, although not equipped to deal with nuclear fallout, took advantage of the situation and counter-attacked all across the border.

25th June 2014 08:00 London

Emergency crews were clearing the last debris from the heavy metal door. The British PM was just exiting the underground bunker where he had spent all night. The sight he was faced with was horrendous. Almost every building in the entire surrounding area was demolished or heavily damaged by the bombardments.

-Jesus Christ… How… How many civilians dead Major?

His military attaché put his hand on his forehead and looked around in a haze.

-Major! -Y… Yes PM? -How many dead? -Last report over an hour ago, suggests more than 3000 civilians and around 2500 military personnel all over England. -Any news from Brussels? -Not yet. We must first get to the temporary command post of the 7th Brigade were a satellite link is available. -Ok then, lets go.

08:30 WEU Military Command – Brussels

The President of WEU listened as his military leadership was debating the next steps of the war effort.

-We have French reinforcements getting over the Austrian border through Germany in order to assist. -The Czech and Hungarians have been reluctant to make deep advances so far. -Well the French Corps will crush them just as we did with the Polish. -What can we do in Poland? -Nothing. We have already retreat to the Warsaw defense line in order to successfully counter the Ukrainian units entering Poland from the south. -Thank god for the tactical nukes and the RDF contingent of the Belgians and Dutch, otherwise the Ukrainian forces from the Czech republic would have broken our lines.

At that time a senior officer entered the conference room.

-What is it Colonel? -General, Mr President. The US forces have launched and attack against Northern Ireland…

At the same time…

Pentagon – USA

-General Aplehunger! -Yes? -Operation “Zit” is underway. -Good. How many units managed to prepare for it? -The 1st Cavalry Regiment and elements of the 4th Armored, but still enough to do the job.

General Aplehunger sat on his desk and reviewed several reports from Ireland.

-What about this insurgency reports I am seeing? -It’s getting very serious. Irish people just don’t like us I guess, but we still can manage them quite well. The experience from Iran and Syria helps. -What about Greece? -We managed to secure the Chania region and the remaining Greek forces are not going to be a problem. Elements of the 10th Mountain are underway by air and expected to land in Soudha within the next hours. Then we can complete the capture of the entire island.

10:00 Italian Embassy –Athens, Greece

The Greek Foreign minister just arrived to meet with the Italian special envoy Silvia Denaro.

-Mister Panopoulos how nice to see you again. -I would hope to meet you under better conditions, but still… -Has your government examined our proposal? -Well under the circumstances we find you suggestion tempting. -So do you agree? -Yes. Italian troops can begin deploying in Albania as soon as possible. -And what about your troops? -We will start pulling them out as soon as Italians are replacing them. We badly need them elsewhere.

Somewhere in Salamis island near Attica…

The six ZUBRs were getting ready by their crews, while at the same time a full Greek marine battalion was getting underway from their camp nearby. Its commanding officer was on the radio with the head of the Greek military.

-Are we going to have any cover at all? -……. -You do realize that this is a suicide mission General? -……. -We will sir. Have no doubt about it.

22:00 Eastern Mediterranean – 20nm East of Cyprus HN Papanikolis, Type214 Submarine.

For the last day the vessel was maintaining radio silence and now it was time to contact its headquarters in order to receive new orders. On board the Greek sub the crew was on high alert since although they were in a safe patrol position the entire area was considered enemy territory. The Captain of the sub had just reported back to the command, when he received their strange answer. His second in command noticed the looks on his face when he read the message.

-Helm. Emergency dive. All hands battle stations. -What’s wrong Captain? -It seems that our Naval Command is under the impression that we have attacked a US Cruiser south of Pafos. -What? That’s crazy. Haven’t they read our report? -Yes, I sent it as soon as we raised the antennas. I thought I was clear enough. We tried to engage the Turkish fleet, but we retreated from the attack area as soon as we detected US naval forces in the area. At the point when we were exiting the Pafos region we detected on sonar what appeared to be a torpedo detonation, but being far from it we had no way of determining what was that all about. -Why are they insisting then? -Well as it seems, the Americans thing we torpedoed one of their ships and we are now in a de-facto war situation with the US. But I suspect foul play. The US has attacked our country and invaded Crete. -I knew it! Ever since this whole thing started… -Relax. We have work to do. No reason to have our heads over exited over this.

23:00 Pentagon – USA

-General! -Go-ahead Major. -The report from Ireland. -Give it to me in small words. -We have concluded the invasion of Northern Ireland and now we are securing the populated areas. Several British units have surrendered, but the paramilitary units are still fighting in isolated incidents. -Good job. -However there is something worrying… -What? -Our ships are having trouble with their supplies in weapons and fuel. -How is that possible? -The weather in the Atlantic is causing as major problems. And it will do so for some time. -What’s the overall effect on our operations? -Significant. We will have to re-supply our subs with cruise missiles in the ports of Ireland and our Carriers will have to reduce the number of sorties. -But this will give the Europeans time and breathing space to re-organize. -Unfortunately. -Ok then, I guess that our Stealth bombers will have to work some overtime to cover the gap.

At that point an Army Colonel interrupts the two officers.

-Excuse me General Aplehunger, but we need to respond to the European use of nuclear weapons. -In what way Colonel Havto? They haven’t attacked US forces with nuclear weapons, and sort of them responding to the nukes in Poland, which by the way I am not convinced that the Pols have nothing to do with, I don’t see any reason to expand the conflict. -But General… The Polish government and their militia assured us they have nothing to do with those nukes. -Yea yea… And maybe some aliens planted them… Still it doesn’t change a thing. We have to put an end to the nuke use before it gets out of hand. Don’t forget the Presidents directive for this whole war. Now lets have a look to what’s happening in central Europe shall we?

23:15 WEU Military Command – Brussels

-Are we secure? -Yes President Blair. The extra Air Defenses have been relocated around the city and the Command center itself. We are now inside the most heavily defended and better-protected area in the entire European continent. -Have we contacted the Italian Prime Minister? -We are trying to. -Do we know anything about their agreement signed with the Greeks? -Nothing yet, but our sources in Athens and Rome will contact us within the hour.

At that moment an Air force officer enters the room.

-Mr. President we have an opportunity arising. -What kind of opportunity? -One of out Helios-3B satellites has detected and verified the exact location of the operational bases from where the US stealth bombers are attacking us. -Go on. -As you know the Americans have approximately sixty B2 bombers of all variations. 48 of them are currently rearming in two US bases on the east coast. The rest are based on the west coast. -End? -We now have a French ballistic missile submarine in position to take out those bases. -What? Are you suggesting the use of nuclear weapons against the US itself? Are you mad or something? -No sir, a realist. You all know that if we don’t take out their stealth bombers then the UK is doomed and when the Americans invade in force and capture it, then the war is effectively over. -And what about their retaliation. They will certainly retaliate and in force. -We can handle any retaliation by their part sir. What we can’t handle is their stealth bombers giving them the edge of the air operations. -Still the use of ballistic nuclear missiles… -Not ballistic sir. Their ABM capability will most certainly destroy them. -Then what? -Naval SCALP cruise missiles with tactical nuclear warhead installed. Guaranties 100% success with minimum use of nuclear weapons. It would be considered as a tactical use of nuclear weapons and not a strategic one. -Still, this is a matter of perspective. However I can’t overlook the fact that the US air superiority has brought us to a very grim situation. -Do we have the ok to proceed then?

President Blair walked across the room with his hands crossed over his chest. After consolidating with himself for a minute he responded…

-Yes. Proceed with your plan.

June 25th 24:00 Skies over Western Crete

The two F35 fighters were patrolling the area for any Greek aircraft trying to attack the captured Soudha base. The patrolling E2F AWACS had just passed them data through Link16 about six high speed tracks moving towards the island.

-Scull-1, this is Scull-2. I can’t track them. -Same here. I will switch to the sniper. What the f…! It’s like watching a high-speed low altitude cloud. Lets get this transmitted to Karl Vinson asap. -Should we engage them? -How? Their speed is approximately 50knots. -Lets try using the mavericks.

At the same time 10nm north of Soudha bay…

The six ZUBRs were increasing speed in order to reach the beech as soon as possible. The huge turbofan engines were creating a big cloud of showering water all around the heavy hovercrafts. This made any attempt for lock-on to them futile. At that time two missiles were detected heading for the first ZUBR. The two Mavericks were a piece of cake for the combined firings of the twelve CIWS arming the six hovercrafts and both got splashed in seconds.

-Scull1, this is pointless… -I am passing the data back to the E2F. -We should warn our forces in Crete. -Will do.

The ZUBRs started manouvering their way towards the island. Inside their cargo bays a full Greek Marine battalion was getting ready to storm the Cretan beech.


Somewhere along the Eastern coast of the continental US.

The small fishing boat was trying to detect a fishing lane, when their sonar picked up something heading towards them in high speed. The four fishermen came to the right of their trawler to see, when one huge water splash showered them and a capsule ejected from the sea. Within seconds the rocket boosters of the naval SCALP activated and sent the first cruise missile flying towards the USA. Seconds later one more missile followed. The fishermen stood in a haze looking at the two cruise missiles flying away. Andrews and Otis Airfields where the B2s operated from, where about to receive a surprise package from France.

Back in the Balkans…

The fall of night had brought the fighting into a stalemate. The Turks followed the withdrawal of the Greek 4th Corps up to the initial borderline of the two countries, and where now engaging in artillery fire exchanges. The Turkish military was still not in shape to attempt an attack all across Evros river. Both countries Air Forces were severely damaged and their role was now secondary. Their navies had also suffered great loses and were now being preserved by their military commanders. The Greek 2nd Corps had managed to penetrate deep into Bulgarian territory, as far as Krumovo Air Base, taking advantage of the nuclear explosion that dissolved the Bulgarian lines. However the lines were spread too thin from both sides to continue the fighting with the same intensity. At the border with Romania two Romanian Divisions were heading south to assist. At the same time the first Greek Division of the 3rd Corps was completing the draft and was getting ready to advance north.

In Poland the Ukrainian forces where getting into position to launch a major offensive against Warsaw and the surrounding area at first light.

June 26th 2014 00:10 Andrews Air Force base.

The guard post was on high alert as always. The guards were a bit uneasy. One of them had a bad feeling and he made sure that he passed that to the rest. Suddenly a convoy approached the main gate of the base. Several secret services vehicles and third in line a black heavy limo followed by three more security vehicles. The flags on the sides of the Limo left no doubt of the passenger inside. The President of the United States was making a surprise visit to the boys flying the B2 bombers a few minutes before their next mission.

100kms away, a cruise missile was getting into the final line…



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