• Infantry: The basic unit of the game. Its cost is very low and its recruiting time is the fastest. Yet, it is very slow and will probably suffer massive casulties before it reaches its target.

Ground units, including soldiers, are essential for the soverignty of your nation. They are the last line of defense of your country. They are overall the cheapest units you can get. They are two main ways that your troops can be deployed: large groups (Brigade sized or larger) in main cities or small groups (regimental size or smaller) dispersed in every region of your nation. The first one is good as you can conduct orderly operations in large units, but the country can be overwhelmed if many different forces attack at once in the country. The second option is good to be able to control all of your territory and oppose resistance everywhere, but it is not wise to keep too small forces dispersed, as they can be picked upon individually.

  • Armored Vehicles: A relatively light armored unit, this vehicle is fast and particularily effective against infantry. Yet, it is cheap and will not be able to take on greater targets with ease.
  • Tanks: Slower than the armored vehicule, the tank packs a greater punch to the enemy. It will usually smash away ground vehicules...if he reaches them.
  • Artillery: The artillery gun is very destructive. It can fire precisly and from afar, delivering powerfull munitions. It is very slow, so it is to be used with other ground forces to maximise its effectiveness.
  • Mobile Launcher: Similar to the artillery, the mobile launcher has a smaller range and is less accurate than the artillery gun. Yet, its massive volleys of rapid firing rockets deliver hell, particularily to infantry and light armored targets.
  • Air Defense: In form of AA missile launchers or simple guns, air defense is crucial to defend your force against ennemy air forces. It can take on ground targets, but it is most effective at his real job, destroying aircrafts.


Air units operate with ground forces. They can come either fixed winged or rotary winged. They are a lot more powerfull then ground forces, but more costly. Unlike in the real world where air forces sometimes conduct raids or "only air" actions, air forces here act exactly like ground forces and cannot merge with fleets. 'Note: Planes on aircraft carriers are regarded as missiles and you do not need to merge aircrafts on the ground with fleets.

  • Attack Helicopter: Fast and swift, the attack helicopter can take on almost any ground target, but is vulnerable to air defense and fighter aircrafts.
  • Transport Helicopter: One unit that puzzles me... Would technically deliver infantry faster to the battlefield. Instead, acts as a less powerfull attack helicopter.
  • ASW Helicopter: Effective against submarines. Can be deployed at sea if your fleet has a Destroyer or an Aircraft Carrier in the desired fleet.
  • Fighter Aircraft: The premiere air defense asset. The fighter aircraft is usually the fastest unit available, making it the first to reach the frontline. It excells in destroying ennemy aircrafts, but is weak against ground units, making it a potential victim for ground air defense.
  • Attack Aircraft: These fixed winged aircrafts are equipped with mostly air to ground missiles and bombs. They are faster and more powerfull than attack helicopters, but are less accurate. They are especially vulnerable to fighter aircrafts.
  • Bomber: Bombers are probably the most expensive units involved in ground combat. They yield immense destructive power, and can massacre infantry troops and any ground vehicle. Yet, they are very slow and somewhat fragile to anti aircraft fire.


For any nation, the Navy is what costs the most to build and upkeep. Navies are used to bombard ground forces near the shores, and destroy other navies. A good navy should be composed of all ships. To attain the best ranks of naval power, aircraft carriers and SSBNs greatly contribute to this.

  • Patrol Craft: Used in costal defense, these crafts are relatively fragile but still deliver quite a punch considering their size.
  • Corvette: The best air defense asset as it is the only ship capable of holding anti air missiles (in SP1). Corvettes provide good anti-air escorts but remain somewhat fragile.
  • Frigate: The higher stage up, frigates are good in antiship missions.
  • Destroyer: Destroyers are the perfect weapon for ASW. They provide immense firepower by combination of onboard helicopters, torpedoes and anti ship missiles.
  • Aircraft Carrier: The must have for any great navy, the aircraft carrier carries planes, as its name states. So many aircrafts can conduct coastal strikes and also eliminate even the most powerfull navies. Beware, the aircraft carrier is usually the perfect target for enemies and its loss is devestating in terms of money and global naval power.
  • Attack Submarine: Capable of sinking ennemy boats and other submarines. Pretty stealthy, but once it is discovered, it is very vulnerable to ASW helicopters and enemy destroyers.
  • Strategic Missile Submarine: The SSBN is the key to nuclear warfare. It is capable of limited battlefield performance, but is mostly used for deterence. It can unleash many nuclear missiles and devestate a whole country. They are useful if your nation is occupied, as you can still unleash nuclear missiles. On the downside, they are very vulnerable, costly and need redeployment to reload their missiles.

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