It has the world's third lowest Below Poverty Line index and a great geographical location. You may choose Singapore, sign a whole bunch of Common Makrets while maxing out your budget and setting your taxes on Industrial Materials, Finished Goods and Services to 0(except for Vehicules) amd watch it grow massively, then put a tax of 30%. After this you will have a huge income, get rid of your Personal Income Tax, wait for your Services to decline and...start attacking.

Singapore is just perfect for that, usually services production drops by 2012-2014 so you should have a military that can defeat India.

Singapore is perfect for those people that like to take a small country, and develop it into a Superpower. And because of its low Below Poverty Line index, the GDP per capita will be a lot higher, thus the consumption will be higher, thus your income. And it wont look ugly in terms of borders when you take over Asia.

If you are using Singapore and just taking China and India after your services go down, you may get a GDP of over than 65T with STANDARD population.

Singapore is perfect for taking over the world.

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