*Note*Game Starts in Year 2002 instead of 2001

Flags updated for

  • Afghanistan
  • Rwanda
  • Georgia
  • Comoros
  • Serbia
  • East Timor (added gradient to flag image)

Country Names Corrected

  • People's Republic of Vietnam to Democratic Republic of Vietnam
  • Burma to Myanmar
  • Byelorussia back to Belarus
  • Russian Federation back to Russia
  • Emirate of Oman back to Oman
  • Federal Republic of Germany back to Germany
  • Moldova and Transdneister back to Moldova (Transdneister will be able to be created during game)

Relations Corrected For

  • Members of CSTO (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan)
  • Relations between US allies/Iraq corrected so US doesn't have to go to war with Iraq by itself
  • US can now declare war on Iraq with: UK, ROK, Australia, Germany, Poland
  • Afghanistan (Relations improved with various countries including the US, UK, and Russia)

Political Parties Added for

  • Afghanistan (5 New Parties with Hamid Karzai’s Independent Party in power)
  • Iraq (Military Dictatorship to Start with Ba’ath Party in Power; 4 New Parties for MPD)

New/Updated Treaties

  • Venezuela added to Mercosur; Mercosur changed to Common Market
  • NAFTA Added for US/Canada/Mexico (and open to join) as common market
  • Austria and Slovakia added to EU

New Alliances:

  • US Allies in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan, Afghanistan)
  • US/Israeli/Jordanian Alliance
  • Added new NATO Members: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia
  • US-Japan Alliance
  • US-Phillipines Alliance
  • US-ROK Alliance
  • US-Thailand Alliance
  • South East Asia Collective Defense (US, France, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Phillipines)
  • Indo-US-Israeli Alliance