New Zealand

Map of New Zealand

New Zealand is a small country located in the South Pacific. To it's left, across the Tasman Sea, is Australia, to it's north is Fiji and other Pacific island nations. New Zealand starts as a multi-party democracy, with the New Zealand Labor Party in power. It's stability is high as is it's economic rating.


New Zealand starts out with a fairly good economy for a country of it's size, overshadowed by the economic power of politically dominant neighbor Australia. It starts with, roughly, an income of $10 billion, expenses of $15 billion, a defecit of $5 billion and an international debt of $30 billion. Despite this, it maintains relatively good resources access at 70%; it does unfortunately maintain a trade defecit on all it's sectors. In spite of that, a good amount of income is generated from sector taxes and a personal income tax base of 50.6%. It's overall economic health is 61.1%. New Zealand's gross domestic product starts as roughly $67 billion and a rough GDP per capita of $17,000, indicating that it is a moderately rich nation.

New Zealand maintains economic influence in the Pacific region, where it is a significant donor of foreign aid. New Zealand's foreign policy is largely influential in the Pacific region.


New Zealand starts as a multi-party democracy with the New Zealand Labor Party in power. In terms of laws,

  • Freedom of Speech - Legal
  • Freedom of Demonstration - Legal
  • Woman Suffrage - Yes
  • Number of Children per Family - Unlimited
  • Abortion - Legal
  • Polygamy - Illegal
  • Child Labor - Illegal
  • Same Sex Marriages - Illegal

New Zealand is an extremely politically stable nation. The approval rating for the default Labor government is around 90%, and stability is at almost 70%. Nationwide elections take place every four years. The country has many political parties with two, the Labor Party and the National Party, as the main political parties in the country. In addition to governing the New Zealand mainland, New Zealand has political and military control of Niue and the Cook Islands in the pacific.

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