MultiMOD is an SDK mod for Superpower 2 created by William "BenderBendingRodriguez" duBois. It adds some new features and tweaks some other things.


MultiMOD currently has major changes in a few fields: naval combat, rebels and some minor tweaks in generic combat, AI and economy. Planned features include peaceful annexations (disabled in the current beta) and getting rid of the infamous Autarky bug.

Naval Combat Edit

The vanilla naval system disappointed some people: every nation was able to freely move their units over the ocean, including nations without a navy. MultiMOD adresses this by adding new movement rules over oceans.

To invade a hostile region over sea, the attacking nation must now station a fleet (with at least one destroyer or aircraft carrier) within 750 kilometers of the target region. An enemy fleet (any enemy, not just the owner of the region) within 1500 kilometers of that fleet makes it impossible to invade too.

Regions owned by the nation, allied regions and regions belonging to another nation with whom the invader signed a tresspassing treaty can still be reached whether or not the invader has a fleet or the defender has a fleet in range of the targetregion.

Rebels Edit

Since MultiMOD 1.4beta, rebels have been added. Countries with domestic problems (low population support and government stability) have the risk of armed rebellion in their regions now: from time to time, certain regions (and the military units in them) will "turn rebel". The rebels themselves are considered their own nation as of now.

AI & Combat Edit

Various aspects of the AI have been tweaked in MultiMOD: allies are more inclined to help you out in wars (even offensive ones) and AI nations will now try to protect their coastal regions from invasionfleets. The AI will also build more units now, instead of the relatively low numbers they did in the vanilla game.

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AI annexation Edit

Thanks to Venny, the AI will now decide if they can annex occupied territories depending on their relations with the rest of the world. If the AI thinks it's safe to annex, it will do so.

Economy Edit

Setting sectortaxes higher or lower now can have more severe effects on your economy or production.

Miscellaneous Edit

GTM is capped at 100% and the Sectortaxes at 70%.

Versions Edit

-1.2b (latest releaseversion) -1.4beta (includes peaceful annexation and rebels) -1.4b beta (disables peaceful annexation, adds economic tweaks)

External Links Edit

Official MultiMOD site

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