Software Development Kit (SDK)Edit

The SDK is the uncompiled game code used by the engine. Microsoft C++ Visual Studio 2003 is required to compile the SDK code into usable format. GolemLabs takes no responsibility for any errors or bugs that are created by mod makers as they use the SDK, nor will they support the SDK in any way. A strong knowledge of C++ is advised before you start editing the C++ game code.

GolemLabs Editor (GLE)Edit

The GLE allows creation of basic mods in a more user friendly and less complicated way than the SDK. On the other hand, it does not provide nearly the same functionality and flexibility as the SDK. The GLE allows editing of the games database files. The database files control things such as the starting positions of units, alliances, treaties, technology levels, population, and all the other variables that are then handled by the game engine. The game engine itself can be edited through the SDK.

Useful Links Edit

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