Military ranking comes in 5 spheres: Infantry, Land, Air, Naval and Nuclear Strength. Each time you deploy forces, your "points" (invisible) in such a sector grow. The more advanced and trained the unit, the more "points" you gain. The country with the most "points" in a sector is ranked number 1. If you add the "points" from all sectors (except Nuclear Strength), your overall military ranking is deduced.

Note: The number of units is not in itself the factor that determines the ranking of a nation's military. For example, Italy possesses 200 B1 Bombers, thus ranks 3rd in Air Power, but other countries possess a larger fleet of aircrafts, but which are not as powerfull.

Military Ranking of Nations at the start of the gameEdit

Nuclear Strength
Military Strength
1 India India United States United States United States United States
2 China Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia
3 North Korea China China France France France
4 Pakistan India France United Kingdom China United Kingdom
5 Iran Egypt United Kingdom China United Kingdom China
6 United States Israel United Kingdom Japan India* Italy
7 Vietnam Turkey Ukraine North Korea Israel* Ukraine
8 South Korea Syria South Korea India Pakistan India
9 Burma Iran India Singapore North Korea** Japan
10 Turkey Egypt Israel Italy N/A North Korea
  • Nations with an (*) next to them have the technology to create nuclear weapons from the start, but do not possess any.
    • North Korea begins the game researching Strategic Forces

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