The Majestic class aircraft carriers where small, light fighter aircraft carriers designed in the United Kingdom. They were originally intended to be part of the Colossus class of aircraft carriers, but were created as a small class of aircraft carriers due to variations in the design that limited the size and amount of aircraft on board. They never had service in the Royal Navy, save one, as they were neglected or sold to other navies.

Characteristics (original configuration, varies by ship) Edit

  • Displacement - 14 221 tonnes standard, 18 085 tonnes fully loaded
  • Length - 212 m (695 ft)
  • Beam - 24 m (80 ft)
  • Draught - 7.2 m (23.5 ft)
  • Propulsion - Steam Turbines (4 Admiralty 3-drum boilers, Parsons geared turbines); 40,000 shp
  • Speed - 25 knots (46 km/h)
  • Range - 12 000 nautical miles at 14 knots
  • Complement - 1200 (including air group)
  • armament - 25 Bofors 40mm guns, 37 aircraft

Ships Edit

  • HMS Hercules - was launched in 1942, but was neglected for 10 years until bought by the Indian Navy. She was commissioned in 1961 as the INS Vikrant.
  • HMS Leviathan - was launched in 1945, but was never fully completed. She was scrapped in 1968.
  • HMCS Magnificent - was launched in 1944 and immediately sold to the Royal Canadian Navy. She was decommissioned in 1956 and replaced by the HMCS Bonaventure.
  • HMS Majestic - Sold to Australia, becoming the flagship of the Royal Australian Navy, being renamed HMAS Melbourne. She was broken up in 1985.
  • HMS Powerful - Launched in 1945 and subsequently purchased by Canada in 1952. She was renamed HMCS Bonaventure and was scrapped in Taiwan in 1971.
  • HMS Terrible - She was launched in 1944, and was transferred to the Royal Australian Navy, under the name of HMAS Sydney in 1948. She was broken up in 1975.

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