Introduction Edit

A small, beautiful country in the Middle East. It is bordered to the North and East by Syria, and to the South by Israel, with whom they have very poor relations.

Economy Edit

Despite poor government and military, Lebanon has a very good economy, based mainly on natural resources and finished goods. Lebanese citizens enjoy high standards of living and have a relatively high literacy rate.

Politics Edit

Lebanon has a republic as its form of government, however, due to many years of Syrian occupation, internal violence, and Israeli invasions, the Lebanese government is very weak and at a very high risk of falling into chaos and anarchy. Due to these same reasons, there is a very high rate crime rate and level of corruption in the government. Lebanon has positive relations with most of it's neighbors, except for Israel and Syria. A very important piece of advice is that before embarking on any large-scale projects or militarization, that you strengthen the government's stability, because any failure could lead to your overthrow.

Military Edit

The Lebanese military is relatively weak, compared with other countries in the region. It is small and lacks significant training levels.

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