Army Edit

Infantry Vehicles Edit


Artillery Edit

Type 54 SPH 122 mm self-propelled gun

Tanks Edit

T-62 Ch'ŏnma-ho, T-72 P'okpoong-Ho

Mobile Launchers Edit

Air Force Edit

Attack Helicopters Edit

Transport Helicopters Edit

Fighter Aircraft Edit

MiG-29 Fulcrum

Attack Aircraft Edit

Mi-28 Havoc, Mi-24 Hind

Bombers Edit

Experimental Aircraft Edit

Navy Edit

Patrol Crafts Edit

Corvettes Edit

Frigates Edit

Destroyers Edit

Attack Submarines Edit

Strategic Missile Submarines Edit

Aircraft Carriers Edit

Missiles Edit

Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles Edit


Submarines Launched Ballistic Missiles Edit

Air-to-air Missiles Edit

Surface-to-air Missiles Edit

Surface-to-surface Missiles Edit

Air-to-surface Missiles Edit

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