Introduction Edit

Iraq is a place in the Middle East who has bad relations with the United States at the start of the game. It is bordered to the east by Iran, to the north by Turkey, to the west by Syria and Jordan, and to the south by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
125px-Flag of Iraq.svg-1-

Flag of Iraq

Economy Edit

The Iraqi economy, like most other countries in the region, is centralized around exports of oil and natural gas from its massive reserves. These exports make the Iraqi economy one of the most powerful in the region. However, since the game is set in 2002, the economy is at a very low point, because it has been invaded recently by the US and other countries, as well as an embargo by Western powers. It's oil reserves give this country sway and power in the region, but also make it the target of Western powers such as the US and Israel. Advice to keep in mind is that before attempting to re-militarize or launch massive projects, you should repair the economy first, to avoid bankruptcy or debt.

Politics Edit

Iraq is under a Ba'athist military regime. It's relations with countries in the Middle East and the rest of the world are across the chart. For example, Iraq has horrible relations with the US, Israel, Iran and the Gulf countries, due to the Gulf War. On the other hand, it has decent relationships with countries such as Jordan, Syria, Sudan, and Egypt. Advice; you should repair relations with Western powers and regional powers before anything else.

Military Edit

Since the Gulf War, Iraq's military has decreased in size and training, although it is still a very powerful one at the start of the game. It's rivals in the region are Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, the latter which they've had the most friction with, especially since the Iran-Iraq War.

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