Please get me some information here...

i always have inflation beyond the 7% mark, even if i set the interests on 10% (and 10% is hell for economic health)

normally i let interests at 0-7%, so that the inflation ist moving around 7,3% to 9,x%

do the taxes influenze the inflation?

(excuse my bad english, i´m austrian and i´m playing german version)

the economic simulation ist a joke....

normally with low interests you have also low inflation...

here the oposite is the case...


Answer: Inflation actually usually does not have any visible effects on your economy, at least, not from what I've seen. The higher economic health you have, the higher inflation you will have. And more infrastructure and telecommunications will raise the economic health. I usually have my interest on 0%, and the inflation will never go beyond 9.9%, and I have maximum economic health with no visible effect from inflation at all. Also, from what I've seen, taxes do not affect inflation at all.

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