Army Edit

Infantry Vehicles Edit

Transportpanzer 1 Fuchs, Marder 1 A3, Gepanzerten Transportkraftfahrzeug Boxer, Puma IFV, Spahpanzer 2 Luchs, ATF 2 Dingo (4x4), LGS Fennek

Artillery Edit

M 109 A 3 GE A1, Panzerhaubitze 2000, FH 155-1

Tanks Edit

Leopard 2A5, Leopard 2A6, Gepard 1A2, Roland 1, Roland 2

Mobile Launchers Edit


Air Force Edit

Attack Helicopters Edit

BO-105 PAH-1, Tiger PAH-2, Eurocopter Tiger

Transport Helicopters Edit

CH-53 G, UH-1 D, Sea Lynx MK 88 A, Sea King MK 44, AS 532 MK 2, NH-90 Merlin, MH-90 Merlin ASW, BO 105 VBH

Fighter Aircraft Edit

F-4F Phantom II, Eurofighter EF Typhoon, MIG-29 (superseded in 2003)

Attack Aircraft Edit

AlfaJet A, Tornado IDS, Tornado ERC

Bombers Edit

Experimental Aircraft Edit

MBB Vector

Navy Edit

Patrol Crafts Edit

Albatros-class (supersedet 2005), Tiger-class (supersedet 92-2002), Gepard-class

Corvettes Edit


Frigates Edit

Bremen-class, Brandenburg-class, Sachsen-class

Destroyers Edit

Lütjens-class (superseded in 2003)

Attack Submarines Edit

Uboot-class 206 A, class 212 A

Strategic Missile Submarines Edit

Aircraft Carriers Edit

Missiles Edit

Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles Edit

Submarines Launched Ballistic Missiles Edit

Air-to-air Missiles Edit

Surface-to-air Missiles Edit

Hawk, Patriot, Roland 1, Roland 2

Surface-to-surface Missiles Edit

Air-to-surface Missiles Edit

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