Gaza Strip and West Bank (or now known as Palestine in modern times) is a small nation landlocked in Israel. Gaza Strip is one of the most notoriously hardest countries to play with. It is usually favored by neighboring Arab and Muslim countries.

Gaza Strip and West Ban flag.


Gaza Strip and West Bank has a very poor economy with only 12% economic health but it is not in deficit but has over $10,000 debt. Before attempting to raise armies or deploy troops, it is essential that you bring the economy back up first so that you can avoid bankruptcy. Gaza Strip/West Bank have the highest literacy rate in the region, a high GDI, and also a very high population density, the highest in the region.


Gaza Strip and West Bank has a very low stability and approval rating and is under military control by Isreal. There are five political parties with Liberation of Palestine with the most popular. The capital, Jerusalem (i.e. West Bank Territory) is under occupation by Israel, which makes it extremely difficult to form governments or deploy military, unless you change the capital to Gaza.


Gaza Strip has no military personnel or equipment. If you want to try and raise an army, a good suggestion would be to first improve relations with all neighboring Arab countries to deter Israel from retaliating or performing a pre-emptive strike.

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