For Game Help Please First Report to the Offical Golemlabs Forum

Patches Edit

  • North America v1.4 Creator: GolemLabs Download
  • International v1.4 Creator: GolemLabs Download

Computer will not read CD Edit

This could be due to the game Protection or an invalid game patch

  • How to Solve
    • You need to clean the cd
    • Restart Computer
    • Check CD-ROM/DVD-ROM

Hosting Problems Edit

If you can't host, this can be due to your firewall, or your ISP will not allow it.

  • How to Solve
    • Open Port 5555, 5556, 5557 (UDP & TCP)
    • Make sure all your firewalls allow the ports or are turned off

Other Useful Information Edit

If you recive a error press F9 to see what has gone wrong.

Eric Zupevec

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