Source File: sp_ai.cpp

UINT32 GAI::BuildOrBuyUnits(UINT32 in_iCountry, REAL32 in_fStrength,
EUnitCategory::Enum in_Category)
const UINT32 c_iNbBoatsByStrength = 2;
const UINT32 c_iNbPlanesByStrength = 10;
const UINT32 c_iNbGroundsByStrength = 25;

if(in_Category == EUnitCategory::Air)

return BuildAirUnits(in_iCountry, 

else if(in_Category == EUnitCategory::Naval)

return BuildNavalUnits(in_iCountry, 

else if(in_Category == EUnitCategory::Ground)

return BuildGroundUnits(in_iCountry, 

Code first edited by Turbo.

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