Resource Categories Edit

In SP2 the resources are broken down into broad general areas that are further grouped into categories. These are:

  • Food & Agriculture
    • Cereals
    • Vegetables
    • Meat
    • Dairy
    • Tobacco
    • Drugs
  • Energy
    • Electricity
    • Fossil Fuels
  • Raw Materials
    • Wood and paper
    • Minerals
    • Iron and Steel
    • Precious Stones
  • Industrial Materials
    • Fabrics
    • Plastics
    • Chemicals
    • Pharmaceuticals
  • Finished Goods
    • Appliances
    • Vehicles
    • Machinery
    • Commodoties
    • Luxury Commodoties
  • Services
    • Construction
    • Engineering
    • Health
    • Retail
    • Legal
    • Marketing

Resource Importance and Dependancies Edit

The resources are ranked in importance from highest to lowest. The most important resources required for your country to develop are those listed closer to the top of this list. Countries have the ability to produce these resources. The total sum of resources produced will equal the GDP of the country. Resource Dependancies exist where one resource will require some number of units of one or more others to exist to enable its production.

Regionalization and unproduced resources Edit

Resource production is actually created at a regional level. Regions have production capacity and the sum of those regions equates to a country's resource capacity of the resource. Sometimes a country will not have thet ability to produce a resource because none of its regions produce it. Botswana for example can't produce Vehicles. In order to produce vehicles as Botswana you would have to *acquire* a province that produced at least 1 unit of vehicles.

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