- GDP - This "Gross Domestic Product" and represents the total amount of money your country makes.

- Per capita - This represents how much money each and every person in your country makes. Take your GDP and divide by population. It is an indicator of how wealthy your people are.

- Personal Income Tax - Ok... this is the percentage that you are taking your people. If your GDP is 100 and you have a 50% tax, you get 50 dollars a year. (payed roughly every 2 weeks). The higher you set this, the more cash you get. The lower you set this the happier your people are and the faster they are lifted from poverty. A low number here will gradually move the "working poor" into "middle class". Most countries have this at around 40-60.

- Unemployment rate - The number of unemployed. This should be kept around 4%. Anything you do to "hurt" the business class will raise this as more business go out of business. This includes taxing them. High unemployment creates alot of instability. All that said, as long as I am keeping everything else in order I rarely ever look at this. I let it fluctuate on its own.

- Below the poverty line - This is the percentage of your people that are the "working poor". Everyone else is "middle class" and some of those are also "business class". If you have a very high population you can assume you'll have working poor for quite some time. However, if you are able to get that many people out of poverty you'll be an economic powerhouse. You want a few people in this class as possible, but the cost for pulling them out is very substantial.

- Inflation/Interest level - This is one of the economic indicators that I watch the closest. I know alot of people have said they ignore it and I think this is a terrible mistake. Inflation can kill you. When inflation is too low (deflation) you will take a constant drain to your income because your GDP is dwindling. When inflation is too high you will take a constant drain to your income because your costs are rising. I break my neck to keep this number at 2%, which is where it is dead even. Occasionally I let it float to 3-4 (but only when I have become resource independant and have a self-growing business class) A low inflation means that the economy is stagnating while a high inflation means that the economy is booming. This doesn't mean that it *causes* your economy to boom. Control inflation... its better in the long run. The only means you have to control inflation is to adjust the interest level. Raising the interest level will make money harder to borrow and make the economy slow down (lowers inflation). Lowering the interest rate will make money easier and speed up economic development (raises inflation). I watch this number like a hawk.

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