Location : Buenos Aires Time : January 27th 2010 , 20h53

A tall man wearing the military uniform is watching a paint of the French Revolution behind a desk. The atmosphere is heavy, the light of the mantelpiece reflecting on the dark red walls of the presidential office. The soil is covered with books and official papers, visibly left there by the precedent incumbent of the office…

A weak knock on the door is heard, as an airforce officer enters the room. His blond hair cutted sharp like every soldier, he make a quick garde-à-vous before performing his rapport.

- General, the family of President Kirchner has been arrested and executed. 17 of the 24 ministers have been captured to this date. We have begun the process of cleansing the administration, and our forces are stationed outside the city, cutting any access to it.

- Excellent lieutenant, what about the 4th and 5th army?

- Sir, they haven’t answered our call yet, though we believe they will rally under your command soon as the new of your move will be known.

- I don’t wan’t to take any chances. Fortify the troops outside the capital, and await for my signal.

- Aye Sir

The general then takes down the picture on the wall, and throws it in the fire. We can see the lady of liberty burns for a while.

- Each revolution has his Bonaparte, and this one won’t make it an exception.

Location: Tierra del Fuego Airforce Base Time: January 27th 2010, 20h57

The young captain stepped outside the cockpit of his all new F-18 Fighter, his helmet under the arm, as he saw the committee waiting for him. “Here goes another debriefing” he tought. He made a quick salute, rapidly dismissed by the apparently nervous officer welcoming him.

- Captain Alfonso Kirchner? - Aye Sir, what can I do for you? - You are the son of the President right? - Indeed, what is this about? - You’re father lost his job tonight - *Laugh* What do you mean? - You’re fired!

Before the pilot could react, blood spread from a tiny hole in the middle of his forehead. The corpse fell on the ground in a blunt sound, and was quickly hidden behind a pile of crate. The officer then took his radio…

- Son of Justice was brought to peace, confirmed….

Location: Buenos Aires Time: January 27th 2010 , 21h03

President Kirchner was tied on a chair, left alone in the middle of a dark interrogation room. The only thing he could see, was a long mirror and his own reflect. Everything happened so fast, it was unbelievable. First, there was that Military reduction bill passed in the day, and then, right in the middle of his dinner, the soldiers erupting from every issues and subduing him, killing the Secretary of Defense while doing so. He had new Secretary Onaya for decades, and his loss was terrible to his mind. He was quickly took outside his thoughts by a low, electronically difformed voice.

- Voice : How are you Leon? - What do you wan’t from me? - Voice : What do you have to offer me Leon? - Who the hell are you? Terrorists? - Voice : I prefer the word Patriot - You will get nothing this way - Voice : You have something I want, Leon - And what is it? - Voice : Power… - How Pathetic! My power comes from the Parliament…. - Voice : And mine too…. Soon as you will surrender all your powers to me - Forget it…. I’ll never do such an infamy, whoever you might be…. - Voice : This power belongs to my family…. - The hell are you? Perron? - Voice : I’m far from being one of those congenerate idiot. Just call me Mr. G - Galtieri? He’s dead - Voice : Sure….

Then, the voice fell silent, and the lights turned off, plunging the room again in dark. Behind the screen, three generals were discussing…

Galtieri: He’s going to crack before three days Hanzir : Are you sure Sir, we need this signature as fast as possible… Menendez: You know what will happen Jorge. If it comes out public, the American will invoke the Santiago Accord… Galtieri: We aren’t plunging into dictatorship, for now, aren’t we just doing military exercise? Hanzir: Sure, but the American spies will discover rapidly… Menendez: We need to seal down their embassy…. Galtieri: Indeed, Mario, I believe it is time for an anti-globalization protest in front of the American Embassy. I’m sure that our mans from 3rd army will enjoy having a couple of civil free-time hours tomorrow morning… Hanzir: Aye General.

Location: Santiago Secret Service Agency Time: Time: January 27th 2010 , 22h17

This night, there was a ton of activity in the little cheese facility which was also harbouring the Argentinean Division of Chile’s Secret Service.

Solozo: Sir! I’m sure something is happening in Buenos Aires… Maj. Kozin: What is it? Solozo: 3 armies in movements, officials called exercises… but how can exercises be so big? Maj. Kozin: What about the Northern armies? Solozo: No move … Maj. Kozin: Bah, that’s just some stupid exercices…. Solozo: Major, I insist…. Maj. Kozin: Ok Ok… we’ll call the Americans for a satellite view of those exercices tomorrow right? Solozo: Aye sir…

Deception could be read on the young man’s face. Deception, sadness, but also, a defiant glaze. He quickly rushed to his telephone.

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