Army Edit

Infantry Vehicles Edit

M113, LAV-3

Artillery Edit

105-mm C1, 105-mm C3, 155-mm M777

Tanks Edit

Leopard C1 (Getting Rid of), Leopard 2A4 (x100), Leopard 2A6 (German lease, x20)

Mobile Launchers Edit

Anti Air Edit


Air Force Edit

Attack Helicopters Edit

Transport Helicopters Edit

CH-146 Griffin

Fighter Aircraft Edit

CF-18 Hornet

Attack Aircraft Edit

Bombers Edit

Experimental Aircraft Edit

Navy Edit

Patrol Crafts Edit

Kingston class,Orca class

Corvettes Edit

Frigates Edit

Halifax class

Destroyers Edit

Iroquois class

Attack Submarines Edit

Victoria class

Strategic Missile Submarines Edit

Aircraft Carriers Edit

Majestic class (no longer in service),

Missiles Edit

Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles Edit

Submarines Launched Ballistic Missiles Edit

Air-to-air Missiles Edit

Surface-to-air Missiles Edit

Surface-to-surface Missiles Edit

Air-to-surface Missiles Edit

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