- Total income - Self explanatory

- Personal income - the total yearly cash you are getting from taxing your people

- Trade - the total yearly cash you are getting from taxing businesses. You receive taxes on anything imported or exported.

- Tourism - the total free cash you are getting from tourism. I say free because it "costs" you nothing in the cost vs reward scheme. Tourism can be a windfall if you plan on maintaining high political stability and not going to war. Tourism will crash when these change. It is a very slow and gradual process to get tourism up but in a developmental game is hugely beneficial. It is possible to have a 3rd world country rely on only income from Tourism by about 2025 if you focus hard on it.

- Foreign aid - the total free cash you are getting from idiot countries that bought your sob story. If you started as a 3rd world country this should be high. Most money in this category is coming from "economic aid".

- Expenses - - Infrastructure - Total cash spent on roads, bridges, etc. High spending makes people happy, causes all resources to grow better independantly, and makes your military move faster. Low spending has the exact opposite effect.

- Propaganda - Propoganda will give you a temporary boost to your government approval rating... but at the cost of a major hit to your international relations. Its usually not worth the tradeoff.

- Environment - High spending makes random events good events (instead of hurricanes you get resource discoveries, etc), makes your people very happy, and increases independant resource production of all of your Food and Agriculture resources.

- Health care - Raises your Human Development Level (HDL), makes your people happy, and lowers the death rate. I have found that I can maintain or even grow HDL even with this set VERY low... but the high deathrate is killer over time.

- Education - More spending here help keep people happy, raises the HDL significantly, and causes independant grown in the Services sector... which is easily the most expensive.

- Telecom - Raises HDL and gives you better intelligence on foreign troops. It has an overall net effect on resource production too... much like infrastructure.

- Government - Lowers corruption. This is very key as a 3rd world country early on because foreign nations are much more likely to give you economic aid if your corruption is lowers. I also hate the money I lose on corruption. Though, admittedly I lose a bunch of money on paying the police (ie: government) too. This also makes people happy and also makes it easier to win elections by elminating "fraudulent" elections (ie: you lose when approval was at 60%).

- Foreign Aid - Foreign aid gruadually builds your relationships with other nations. Spending here provides you with an instant boost and an overall net gain per month in relationships. If you are concerned about foreign relations you will want to spend here.

- Research - The more you spend here the faster you learn new technology. Research is a slow process so be prepared to put money here and forget about it.

- Tourism - If I am not in "war" mode I have this maxed. The spending you put in here to increase tourism is returned to you 100 fold if you are a pacifist. If you are not a pacifist (as I am not) you will still see a substantial return. Tourism takes a dive when your relations are bad and especially when your political stability is low. If those things are high (andyou intend for them to stay high) then dump all the money you can here. Bewarned... going on a war spree can vastly undercut your tourism dollars for a long time. Not that this has ever stopped me.

- Fixed expenses - - Security - The cash you spend on your intelligence. The amount spent here is directly proportional to the cost per-unit of your intelligence services. I always have my intelligence coverage at 80 percent at least so this is usually high for me.

- Diplomacy - Money spent on Economic aids for other countries. Most people won't see a dollar here.

- Trade - How much you are spending on trade. I hate to see numbers here.

- Unit upkeep - How much you spend on units. Well trained units cost more and units not "parked" cost alot more too.

- Debt - This one is one of the most important things to pay attention to. NEVER let this stay red for long. Get your debts paid off. You pay a nasty 10% interest on all debts. Pay them off... operate in the green. ALL of my spending can go down the toilet if I have to chose between paying a debt or hurting my budget. Pay it off... its free money. This is the only way the game can end economically. If your debt payments are higher than your income you lose. Dont even get close. Operate in the green.

- Corruption - How much money is lost to corruption. Corruption grows when your population is poor, the unemployment is high, you have alot of foreign aid, and human development. I dont like corruption. The most important thing it does as a smaller power is lower your chances of getting foreign aid.

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