- Economic Model - Shows what percent of your GDP is controlled by the state.

- Economic Health - This is a number that the simulator derives to show you how good your economy is. I know that playing with the interest level seems to have the greatest short-term effect on it... other than that... unemployment, poverty line, inflation, infrastructure, human development, and per capita income also seem to effect it. The only things I have seen that this number does for you is 1) makes getting economic aid easier if its higher 2) creates political stability if its higher and 3) makes unit production procede faster if its higher. The manual and tooltips say that it has an overal beneficial effect to your economy as a whole. I pay little attention to it after the first couple of years.

- Budget - These are simple. They show you the income, expenses, balance, and available cash. The devil is in the details here... also known as the 'more' button.

- Resources - This shows how well your population is having its needs met. Anything below 100 means that your economy is being stunted in growth. Resource needs must be met to have a strong economy. Anything over 100 means that your country is a net exporter.

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