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Afghanistan is a medium sized, landlocked country in southern Asia. It borders Pakistan in the east, Iran to the West, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the North. Afghanistan also starts with 4 of its regions annexed by the Rebel faction.


Afghanistan have a small sized military, which lacks the ability to participate in a large or long lasting military conflict. Being landlocked it has no navy at all, making it extremely difficult to conduct military objectives outside of Southern Asia, and it also lacks technology having mostly old units, also it hasn't got much potential without outside assistance in developing new technologies.

One perk Afghanistan has is that it is landlocked, which means other countries will find it hard to get to you if it wishes to attack, especially if you become friends with your neighbors.


Afghanistan's a very poor country and has an extremely low GDP per capita, and it with 80% of the population in poverty it is very difficult to repair the economy in a short span of time. The Afghani economy really only excels in certain low-value products, like foodstuffs and lumber.


Afghanistan has a very unstable government and will need to be repaired to avoid anarchy, but it's corruption levels are one of the perks of there Political sphere (relative to the other problems that exist). The only nations in the world that have good relations with Afghanistan at the start of the game are Iran and Pakistan, so it would be a good idea to become closer to those two countries for support and aid before anything else.

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