With a new millienium comes a new age. So was thought by the members of a Dutch banking group. The immense amounts of profits that could be gained by the Dutch spreading it's wings could have it regain it's once high place on the international stage. There is no reason why this cannot be achived. Members of the group put forward a front man to run for the presidency, a Belgian Business man turned politican, Francois DuBois. With a massive campaign toting around a rebirth of the Netherlands, he wins out in a land slide. The plan is now in place.

2001: With a new president, many changes come about. Especially if he has a large banking conglormerate behind him. President Dubois begins the plan of the complete annexation of former carribean territories of the Dutch. With a large amount of money behind the politicans he has on a string, many of them win elections. Little did they know that they were mere pawns that would be sacrified and swept off of the board. The first action, was in St. Vincent and the Grendines. A new liberal president was elected, and vowed to bring his tiny nation closer to glory. Little did he know, that a coup was about to blow up in his face


The president died from an explosion in his desk in his office. This prompted massive rioting and sent the country into a downward spiral. This was part of the second phase of the Group of 14. Dutch security officers detonated bombs in civilian areas and cause wide spread panic. The attacks were blamed on seperatists loyal to Grenada. The Dutch military was dispatched to quell the rebellion, and to put down the rebel leader who had taken control of the country.

The Dutch were now in control of one nation in the carribean and little did the world know, that this was only the beginning of a two decade period of espionage, abuse of relations, bloodshed, and espionage.

It will be interesting, especially the twist.

In a dark office on a corner in the capital of the Grenada, a phone rung. Someone was making a call to the minister of martime commerce. He woke up from a slumber in the dark office, sweliving the chair to talk on the phone on his desk.

"You had better watch yourself." Said a computer masked voice. "Your people will pay dearly for their treachery against a soviergn nation."

The phone clicked off.

The man, James De La Renta, could only wonder his fate.

December 5th, 2001. Off of the coast of Grenada

A small group of Dutch security agents stand around a camoflauged net. One of them is setting up a sattellite link while another is dragging a zodiac on shore and hiding it. Some Dutch red berets are providing security, with their Fn-fals at their sides.

"This is Phantom claw, we have the cruise ship in sight." Said a security service operative in a DC-3 flying into Grenada. The plane has the equipment for the recruited Vincentians that are flying in the plane behind it. They are going to take over the airport after they land and unload. The DC-3's are supposed to fly back to St. Vincent.

The men standing around the camoflagued Exocet and Silkworm missle launchers begin to lock on to the cruise ship, and launch their missiles at them. Another target of these missiles, happens to be a NedLloyd cargo ship, full of farming equipment from China.

The missiles were streaking against the pristine waters of the coast and fly overshore once again, kicking up sand. They make a hard right and slam into the cruise ship after flying for a good 4 miles. The first missile impacted into the area below the bridge, creating a gaping hole. The next missile hit the center of the ship, busting a hole in center of the ship. The third missile to hit this ship, made a direct hit at the bottom of the ship, letting in the warm waters of the Carribean seas. The bridge lost support and fell into the ship, creating a large crash and panic. The ship was beginning to capsize with no rescue crews insight because of the events at the airport, which were beginning to unfold.

The Vincentians Began to open fire with RPG-7's and M249 SAW'S at the control tower. They barely had a chance to call for the police. RPG-7's were also launched at the planes at the airport. A helicopter was attempting to take off when it was riddled with bullets. The pliot slumped over his joystick with a caved in head as his partner attempted to take control of the spinning helicopter. The helicopter eventually spun into the roof of the terminal of the airport. A large explosion soon followed. The mob of 26 men began to fight the security guards and slaughtred them wholesale. They had successfully overran the airport.

Now back to the open seas, with it's unfolding events.

The PLO Nedloyd ship detected a missile. Luckily, this ship in the fleet could detect missiles. The commander of the ship told the crew to get all of the fans on the ship and blow heated iron scraps off ofthe back of the ship.

It was appearing to work on the radar, except the missiles hit directly below the bridge trying to hit the "counter-measures" , killing all those attempting to get cover.

"Why would we hit our own ships? Why did our Secret Service do this?" Said President Dubois

"Exactly. Why would we? This could easily cover our our tracks and leave us out of the picture. With the insuing war between us and Grenada over this, you would be justified in taking over their island. Just relax and do as we tell you to. Begin to put the military forces on alert. Phase four is now underway." The mysterious voice from Barcelona commanded. The phone hung up.

The Cruise ship was owned by one of the members of the Group of 14, as well as the PLO Nedlloyd ship. They were sent on that course to merely be destroyed. More and more pawns are being swept off of the board. Now for the real challenge ahead.

December 25, 2001.

All the while snow is falling into Amsterdam, creating a white christmas, For the Dutch and Vincentian soldiers rushing the horseshoe bay, it was a white christmas alright. White with raining phosphorus and flash bangs mortar shells, impacting in murderholes. For these piles of cannon fodder were being exceedingly good despite their conditions. The two hundred odd troops that landed on the beach landed in ambphious M113's and YPR-700's. The topside guns were massacring the pillboxes, turning them into collapsed piles of dirt and shattered humanity. As the threat subsided, the troops piled out of their carriers, with the guns blazing behind them.

They rushed up the beach, sending some APC's up the hill. They ran a path through the barbed wire and landmines, particularly the claymores. The troops ran through and began to takedown the Anti Aircraft guns, which threatened the F-16's en-route. Some chieftains and jeeps were rushing towards the lot, after they dug into their hard earned fighting positions. Their Milan missles were deployed, their vechiles dug in. The fight began. The weapons the Grenadians deployed were quickly destroyed.The F-16's overhead helped the cause greatly, dispensing cluster ordanance and Maverick missiles down onto the battlefield. Despite all of this help, the Grenadians kept coming in waves up the hill near the beach. Dutch forces slowly moved towards the town near the beach. The fighting was fierce, as many a young man was cut down by an emplaced machine gun. As the Dutch were taking cover in the various shanties in the town, a UAZ with an RPO-2 launcher pulled up. Inside of it were some of the Vincentians that were at the airport. They Identifyed themselves and moved on, guiding troops to the center of the town.

The Takeover of the town was a cruical success in this invasion. Now the only thing they can do is to continue to push on. The Island state would be taken in two days.

December 26, 2001 Outside of the capital of Grenada

On any morning after christmas, children and adults alike revel in their gifts. Either they hate them, or absolutely love them. Gift cards are spent, leftovers heated up, and children sneaking egg nog. None could be more true for the Dutch Forces that invaded Grenada. They had pushed very far, in a sweeping right hook overnight. They were rested and ready to continue their flying Dutchman routine.

That very same RPO toting UAZ pulled up to a corner office in the capital of Grenada. The target was that man on the phone, who was shaking in fear. HIs family was in danger and there was nothing he could do but hold them close and hope his building isnt used by the soldiers. The UAZ pulled up and played the loudspeaker, with the same onminous computer generated voice.

"You were warned" The speakers said.

The RPO was launched at the bottom of the building. It appeared as if nothing happened to the structure, as only a small thud happened. Then came the full explosion, which sucked into itself causing the building to fall onto itself. The UAZ drove away The only thing that could be heard from the building were the muffled screams of the occupants in the building, which totaled to 35 trying to hide in the building from the combat. A river of blood oosed from the building.

Meanwhile, Dutch forces were engaged in bitter street fighting, building to building. Sea hawks from naval ships were jerry-rigged with H2-.50 cals on their sides, with office chairs bolted to the frame of the helicopter, allowing the gunner to swivel in comfort. These Sea Hawks proved invaluable to sweep stronghold and barracades that the APC's could not reach. The machine guns were ripping jeeps to shreads. Grenadian forces were surrendering by the boat load.

People were trying to escape the island on boats, to run away from the combat. But these poor people were fired on from the firebase that was hastly erected at the beach, in a deadly game of battleship.

Other units were still engaged in fierce fighting, as such as the attempted retaking of the airfield by Grenadian forces. Dutch paracommandos fought valiantly, taking many causalities. The Ironic thing about that airport is, that it was the sam airport fought over by the United States in the 1980's.

The Dutch and Vincentians Consoldiated there power around the island, and began to round up pow's and send them to the back of the fighting.

To the group of 14, this was music to their collective ears.

"Good work DuBois, now begin the uniting of the empire. The collective mind must be created. Purity will be achived. The arrogant Sino communatatorship must be shown who was running who in the 1800's."

January 1st, 2002.

The Grenadines have been successful taken over, all of the Islands. The British were very cross about this hostile takeover of one of their commonwealths, but could not do much. This whole Dutch interventionary stance towards suspicious breakdowns in governments it supported is now making NATO very on edge with the Dutch. Many leaders were considering the suspension of The Netherlands from NATO. Not to fear, the group of 14 had a plan.

Feburary 23rd, 2002.

Many Dutch, American, and other European contractors flocked out to rebuild Grenada and the St. Vincentian Islands. Roads and water pumps were built all over. These nations were being modernized through and through. P&O Nedlloyd provided shipping for all of the equipment and supplys for this effort. Many other companies from The Netherlands and other international companies provided help in rebuilding. The group of 14 was making immense profits from this rebuilding project. The 14 of them combined own 67 percent of the resources and direction of the rebuilding effort. The United states was clearly in no state to pass judgement or give attention to the actions of the Dutch in the Carribean. A new trouble was brewing in the middleeast, most notably in Syria.

May 12th, 2002.

The rebuilding effort was going without a hitch. Dutch forces were being rotated in the Carribean. Many troops were going home for the first time in a year. These troops marched through Amsterdam, cheered on as they marched. As they marched down a street, turning left they met a group of protesters. Many of the protesters were young people, shouting anti war slogans. The crowd was controlled with ease: Except with one variable. A young man, affliated with the Dutch Anarchist league, Detonated hiself in the middle of the formation, sending bloodied bodys flying into walls. The crowd began to run through the streets, screaming. The death of these troops provided suffient outrage and suffering, even among the anti war crowd.

May 13th, 2002.

A messanger came with a package. This package was being delievered to the president of The Netherlands. Secret Services checked out the boxes. The boxes were allowed through. As the president opened them, a small sign popped out. The sign read, in Catonese: The Favor has been returned.

June 23rd, 2002. Off of the coast of Taiwan

A rocky night, with a brutal storm has finally come to pass. The crimson and amber sunrise is an inspiration to anyone.

Even pirates.

A small group of speedboats, and a rickety old fishing trawler move quickly across the tranquil seas. The vessels were packed to the brim with sweaty southern-chinese men. Inside of the trawler however, were a group of men in grayish-blue camoflague with AK-101's and all other tools nessacary for a sucessful raid on a cargo ship. These men are elite Chinese marines, trained especially for "counter-terror" operations and ship boarding. Their squad leader, Major Xiang Dao, was on the short band radio transmitting code back to another trawler, which served as a mobile command post.

"We are on our way to the target, we've visually ID'ed it as the P&O Nedlloyd ship on the mission. Markings N023817, flying the Dutch flag." Yelled Dao.

"Roger" Said the feminine voice coming through the radio. "Headquarters had sent in the itenerary for your visit to the ship today. You and your squad are to search the ship for sensitive documents, and to locate the weapons headed for the port of Tainan City. This shipment of anti-ship missiles must not make it to port. Also locate the spare parts and illegal munitions, and find the documents for these items. Photograph and copy them on the ship. Headquarters also wants you to destroy any evidence of your arrival onto the ship. Send the pirates aboard to attack first, and keep them on a tight leash. Come in after them and interrogate the prisoners. Give the pirates instructions to take three to four prisoners and take them back to the camp we have setup right outside of Hong Kong. Our counter-terrorist team will rescue them, along with American assistance. Disembark the ship via zodiac raft and make it to waypoint Zang. A H-5 helicopter will be there to extract you. Make sure the charges you place around the ship damage it enough to make it unworthy for seafaring, and that the anti-ship missles and spare parts are destroyed. This must be accomplished in a timely and professional manner. Good luck."

"Roger that" Said Dao, clicking off the radio. He walked downstairs and briefed his team of the situation.

They were going in.

As the sun rose, so did the speed of the attackers. Men on board the cargo ship attempted to contact them over the short wave radio. One of the technical officers had picked up parts of the conversation over the loose radio waves and kept it recorded. Most of the Chinese briefing was recorded. As the technical officer attempted to decode the conversation, the captain of the ship ordered his men to take up arms.

A showdown was about go down.

June 23rd, 2002. 6:32 am

As the pirates and the Chinese special naval marines began to slip on to the ship, they began to receive heavy fire from the bridge of the ship, from what appeared to be a light machine gun of American origin. Crew members have began to take up arms and hide between the cargo containers on the deck of the cargo ship. Many of the crew members are only armed with bowie knifes and axes. The light machine gun fire stopped as a rifle grenade slammed into the area of the fire. Only a scream bathed in the liquid of human suffering could be heard for a moment. The Pirates began to move through the cargo ship and look for the containers.

A pirate was moving past a corner, when he felt a very hard blow. The only thing his comrades saw was his head fly off, and the axe impact the cargo container. The shock of the axe hitting metal caused the crew member to drop his axe. As he dove for it, he received quite the hardy stiff kick to the face. He was knocked out for sure.

Then, as soon as the man who kicked the brave beheader looked up, he was face to face with a hammer. The thundering blow to his face left it sunken, with blood creating a lake of plasma and red-blood cells. Five crew members charged the ten-odd pirates who were on the deck and a vicious brawl ensued. Machetes and bowies knifes about, people being slammed into hard metal. A large, Congolese crew member from Holland, Named Toby Klaus, took charge of the ensuing combat, along side his Italian friend, Franco Pavoltti and his French childhood friend, Mathieu Labatte.

"Johnsonn, Wessex, make sure you wake up the other crew members downstairs! Pull the alarms, THIS IS NOT A DRILL" Shouted Toby as he was struggling with a scraggly little man. Toby then picked the man up over his head like a ragdoll and snapped his spine over his knee. Down two men, it was Toby, Franco, and Mathieu versus the five remaining pirates. Franco was sizing up a pirate while Mathieu was chasing down a pirate that was running through the cargo containers on the deck towards the bridge. Mathieu was gaining on the bewildered man weaving through the cargo containers as the man shouted something in a strange tounge. Mathieu then tackled the pirate. As he proceeded to beat the man senseless in front of the steps leading up to the bridge, he was riddled with bullets from an AK-74su.

Everyone engaged in combat stopped momentarily, and realized what had just happened. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! MATHIEU! THEY HAVE KILLED MATHIEU!" Screamed toby. Toby then went into a blinding rage, ripping apart his foes. His supernatural strength left the face of a pirate partially endented in the aluminum. As all of their combatants laid dead in front of them, the crewmembers began to pickup their fallen brotheren. They went into the deck below, where they met up with twenty to forty other crew members. Toby then began to rally them: "This is a damn important shipment! It was given a Class-A Importance rating and the cargo is hazardous. God knows what is in those containers. All I know, is that we cannot allow whoever the hell these ******** are to take this ship. We cannot lose, for all we know, these could be terrorists trying to get their hands on bombmaking components! They must be stopped at all costs. We've got to take control of the deck and all of the floors! We've got to save the captain!" The men then sharpened their weapons, and began to sweep the ship.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Special Marines were brutally interrogating the ships captain.

"I dont not know what you are talking about! I dont know anything of anti-ship missiles!" Muttered the bloodied captain, tied to a chair. A Pistol then went across his face. His captors were tearing up his bunk looking for any sort of records pertaining to the content of the cargo. "Look, DO YOU WANT HER" Dao picked up a picture of the captains daughter "To not see her father alive? DO YOU?". "I Know you damn commy pigs are going to kill me regardless, trying to get information out of me that I dont EVEN KNOW!" Yelled the captain. Dao raised his TT-33 up and was about to shoot the man when his radio went off.

"We have a situation down here! The crew has somehow sunk the other zodiac full of pirates that were attempting to climb aboard and are taking some of them prisoner. Zhang is down, they dismembered him. A big black man appears to be.... oh no" "****ing commie rat" "NOOOOO!!!"

The radio clicked off.

Dao knew that this mission was a failure.

After the crewmembers tied up the pirates and the marine that they had incompassitated, they then charged up the stairs. A marine had his AK-74 to his hip and began firing. The firing stopped as a Harpoon went through his mid section, piercing his guts and causing him to vomit blood.

"Got one!" Yelled Franco.

As the crew got close to the captains quarters, they ran into more Chinese marines. The Chinese marines began to fight the crew with their barehands. The Chinese marines were outnumbered 3 to 1, and were giving the crew a good fight. Many crew members were being brushed aside, until a knife went into a Marines head. Toby then started to attack every Marine insight. The crew rallied behind him and began to smash the marines into walls, hitting them with any solid item insight. Dao was still in the room with the captain went toby knocked down the door.

"You. Me. Now." Said Toby. Toby saw his captain bloodied in the chair, his body slumped and frail. "I Guess that's all blackies know what to say, eah?" Dao muttered insolently. Dao then charged Toby and was sidestepped. Toby then grabbed Dao by the collar and threw him into the wood paneling of the deluxe quarters at the top near the bridge. Toby then took his head out of paneling and dealt a devasting right hook to Daos face. Seemingly broken by the right hook, Dao was planning his next move on the floor.

As Toby was about to slam a Fire extingusher into Dao's chest, Dao kicked Toby in the back of the knees and brought him down to the floor. A hard left struck Toby in the face. Dao rose and kicked Toby in the face, and soon after that, in a smooth motion, had undone his belt of ammunition and wrapped it around Tobies neck. Toby was being choked, his face turning more and more brown by the second. He then began to slam his back into the wall, trying desparately to get Dao off. His efforts succeded. Dao laid on the ground, helpless. The Crew surrounded him and tied him up.

Dao had failed his homeland.

Sometime afterwards.

"So, captain, are you ok?" Toby asked him as the ship's medical officer was treating him.

"Yea, they roughed me up real bad though, made me swallow my gold tooth." He chuckled.

"The crew has swept the ship and rounded up the bodies of the pirates and crew members" Franco said, out of breath as he entered the room.

"Is Matthieu ok?" Asked Toby.

"I am afraid that, Matthieu has passed away. He didnt have a chance." Said Franco, as he began to tear up and choke.

Both Franco and Toby embraced each other, crying.

"I wonder what the hell was on this ship to even cause all of this" The captain said.

"Call into to Tainian City, tell them that we are in distress." The captain muttered.

June 24th 2002, 11:25 am


"Early yesterday morning in the southern Chinese sea was an apperent attempt by the Chinese government to strong arm Taiwan into not prolifering strategic defensive arms. Chinese Special Forces, along with pirates and mercenaries raided the P&O Nedlloyd Ship New Hamburg. Heavy casualites mounted on both sides of the struggle, but the crew immerged victorious over the invasion. At the lead of the resistance, was a deckhand named Toby Klaus, a Hollander, who lead a charge against the heavily armed men to save his captain and crew from being slaughtered. We will have the latest updates and leads on this incident as more information comes for and we will have a special interview with the man being claimed as "one of Europe's bravest men ever".

This is Clara Hemmingway, BBC news."

"Excellent" Said the voice in a darkened conference room. "Excellent."

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